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Is seven minutes after three o'clock john corby show it was radio 610 wtvn it is seven minutes after three o'clock as 610 wtvn john corby with the big box line shorten thursday radio program initially sales and that's putting some pressure on the iphone tan and and again i don't know i don't know what apple was why they would think they would they would sell a lot aids when ten was going to be out in a month uh i don't really get it but and we have a round lent all right let's start led started today with a good hordings story volving dogs janet man fredo fifty nine was charged with animal cruelty one of the dogs has died she's accused of hoarding dozens of dogs in a filthy northeast a home and she was arrested on a warrant on tuesday police officer taban barry arrested janet whose fifty nine and charged her with animal cruelty she was booked in america and county jail released at four thirty a m wednesday on a thousand dollar bond and reached at her home where fifty six poodles and kaka poos were found early this month man for radio declined comment on wednesday on a previous interview manfred oh said she owns the dogs in wants them back accounting me animal control officer removed them from her residence october fifth after neighbours called police to report a foul stench emanating.

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