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Anybody can answer. This ends up winning. All right holler at your name the answer. Everybody can play in this question. Here we go. All right. Have you ever been hoisted on anyone's shoulder? Backyard. Yes. You have tell us the story. I work at a day camp. And one of my coworkers is like really big and he picked us up on our show. We ran around with those. But it wasn't pretty great complimentary. Thing was just kind of a fun thing. Well, hoist yourself again. Rebekka you're getting a battle of the sexes ship shit certificate. Download it as a PDF Princeton, hang on your wall with tries. Package including a pair of tickets to see Michael boob lay at sable center on July night. Plus he got dinner for two at seventy one above which has been to. Josh is amazing. The US Bank tower in downtown LA. It's very nice. It's beautiful restaurant of user incredible. The food matches the views. That's what I will tell you about this place. So congratulations. Listen. Mix. Well, you should take him up. She helped out actually doing Lee. Lee. Stage moment is entirely yours. You take it away. I just wanna be happy mother's day to all the moms out there. And to my mom, Linda, I love you. Happy Valentine's Day to you too. She left. Thank you, very nice Valentine's Day. Play from my mom. All right. Okay. All right. Listen lee. Thank you very much, Linda. Thanks very much. Rebecca that your efforts. Thanks very much Sheila. Thanks, very much Matt Damon. Sorry. We didn't. The the morning traffic.

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