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On the floor exact. I think another thing that kinda killed it for these comics are just a little bit of this on twitter was that we had seen them already on twitter. Anybody who's on twitter on bb twitter has seen them so like the episode dragging on and on about them was not entertaining because we had seen them already. Lay wait. you didn't you didn't like the a you see audience in this one. Aasa pass her dress billowing out and in this one. It's not love exit. Big brother like that is torture as a form of torture to hear people go over and over. Oh there's a hat and this one in the cape this one of press a button. I was wrong with it. I know that it's a it's it's torturous as you make could cast a spell at this point in the season absolutely not the it comes down to these these. These comics are in two categories. The first category is they could have made it on day. One person second category is okay. It could have been made at this point in time so this is definitely i got those. Okay i'll go to the next one What do we got here. Okay oh this is that Actually thought that this one is probably the best The perfect snowstorm this this foul in the latter category where they actually took something to happen. During the season that apply to this was this was a very good one very very well. And i think the strength of this one is probably accidental. Because i think what they're going for is remember how fun and funny it is. The big d sleeps all the time but the reality is that those of us watching the show can interpret this in a way. That's like yeah. He's also of slept through the whole game and it's got that double meaning but i don't know that they.

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