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No that's not. Of course come on. You know students well enough. You know that even if it were set up that way and it's not but even if it were set up that way there are a lot of students who wouldn't really do the due diligence to find out what the correct answer is wrong and then they're going to sit down to it again. They might mess up again. 'cause they're just guessing at the next answer right like a wasn't this. Maybe it's this you know and so yeah k. They're gonna keep doing you know it's not going to get them anywhere so what i do is i give them randomized tasks so when they take it a second time. They're gonna get questions on the very same concepts. They got questions about before but they're going to be different questions. Okay one or two might be the same but the odds of them giving the exact same start astronomical. I mean it's pretty much impossible. It's like the same as the state lottery. It's just yeah that ain't going to happen and so in. I'll tell you how i do that in a second. Why the odds are so far against getting a second test so when they get the next task having taken the first test that will be helpful to them. And i want them to printed out and i want them to get the right answers first and then have that ready nabbed one of their resources that they can use that next test. The way i do that is an all. Learning management. Systems can do this. Is i. set up my test in question sets or question. Pools every learning management system is a different word for it but basically let's say there are three questions on this test. I give a lot more than that. But let's say there are three questions on the test so for question one. The student just sees one question but the learning management system might have five different questions there and the interface set it for random. And there's you know little check box. I have to check to make my learning management system. Do that then. I will check that and so. Learning management system will just randomly select one of those five items in..

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