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Pizza Square Because Ledo Pizza never cuts corners rich honor. W T B travelled rich. Thank you to NBC for Samara. Theodore Samara Bird. Yeah, really, though it's getting cold out here. We are seeing temperatures drop into the thirties out west along I 81 in areas like Winchester but in the D C metro areas on the upper forties, however, let me take a look at these wind goes real quick. 40 mile per hour wind us is what we're seeing at the moment in Washington, D C and to think it could get stronger overnight. We've gotta wind advisory of in effect tonight and then again through tomorrow at noon winds could gust up to 50 MPH. So please be careful. We had that water of that rain earlier saturate the grounds the trees could go down. Power outages are definitely possible. Lee spotty power outages through tomorrow. Highs tomorrow will be in their 50 were sunny for your Monday Tuesday. Election day. High temperatures in the mid to upper fifties still breezy, not is bad. We are finally seeing winds calm Wednesday and Thursday with sunny skies in the sixties. Right now in D. C. 49 41 in Gaithersburg and 43 in Frederick, Maryland tomorrow. Thank you very much. It's 49 degrees outside our studios brought to you by new look home design. No interest in no payments for six months after roofing installation in 10 21, a bizarre incident in Oxon Hill last night 17 year old Anthony Percy Luhan afford Washington may have stabbed himself to death. Police responding to a car crash on Indian head highway finding a woman covered in blood. She told police her son was trying to kill her, but also stabbing himself. After Lou Han was arrested, Police noticed two large stab wounds in his neck. He died at the hospital. With this election is going to affect us all in a number of ways and D C. Statehood could be at stake that b t O. P. S Mitchell Miller is on Capitol Hill the House this year.

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