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Damodar Joe live today from Miami for super week is brought to you by marathon so Erin Donald is here and he will be in here in a moment to say hello to Rick flair but because there's a little bit of stew gods and everybody us two gods you will appreciate that Mike Ryan has just corralled his just secured as part of his a DJ set tonight edge hill in the old party where he is hanging out with he has stolen all of these big name DJs is secured the services of one ric flair to come out with him and be manager for him the way he can we possibly manager for daily on day one there you go sorry I ran I'm doing good Rick I gotta tell you people if you are a legend and not just the other day while let people walk by here they see ric flair's face on ours greed and they light up like I have that please walk a bit to go that route planner it's unbelievable you guys told me last I can't believe I'm still alive yes to make myself a little bit more professional wrestling ishe because it's a show it's a ridiculous thing I'm even on this line up just make it more professional wrestling than to have ric flair come out to introduce a good rates Hey you're right but the great Milan I get every day now is are you really Rick where he I well I feel here well Rick made his way over to the Clevelander he was walking around radio row you knew exactly where Rick wise because you would just everything in every single where every single place you want the end of a big group right or you go Rick like airports everything yes thank god and it's not annoying what's the most inappropriate time someone all that big servers as you mentioned possible I don't have what's the most inappropriate time you've heard someone will which you our guys I don't know I yeah it about them that they go to the pictures in the bathroom a little bit too much you know about that but I handle it is but then again you know it it's it's it's it's it's every it's all respect I I I I don't have you're in the eighties we you'd be you'd be in our an argument and can get away with it now you just smile roll with that occurs cameraphone yeah it is yeah really the automated I don't I would add a rough time he was just telling me that he or were you in Vegas with Tyson fury yeah yeah yeah like that he was no we're we're we're actually the hotel bar he and I and the Roman reigns and just the target any just a regular guy and then you wanted me to go out and well I'd add I relive baguette event occurs you special one is not a long you've got to go home well it so you got a GPS essential home up for all things ric flair visit ric flair shop dot com yes Erin Donald is coming in here to join the.

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