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Green what I did want to steal your thunder will have the story coming up the next fifteen minutes but first at three fifteen here here is Tim green wood with traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five so Jim I you know I'm always open to you doing that so here goes the five freeway is open through the Cajon pass right through the grapevine that would be a track the five is open both directions over the grapevine the left lane is blocked both directions because that's where they stacked up the snow and ignore the freeway sign at the one twenty six on the five north bound that says the highways closed at lake use that is no longer true self grapevine is open call home pass they are running escorts and the San Bernardino mountains are still a wintry snowy place with chains required on the eighteen thirty eight one thirty eight fifty five A. end at three thirty in Anaheim five north benefit tele S. U. V. hit the center divider is now blocking the carpool lane companies found out of Anaheim hills ninety one east to Green River it's a three car crash started with somebody floating across lanes and a sig alert this is the same one we had yesterday but it's back five freeway southbound it so parkway the right lane is taken away with pothole repair after it eight a few peoples tires and is this a two ten east bound at citrus a five car injury crash working off to the right shoulder now mostly things are open and the airports of course are open and the roads near LA acts are mostly behaving next traffic report at three twenty five and ten Greenwood with more traffic sports more often que in X. ten seventeen is radius so our exclusive forecast calls for a bit of a break by the weekend tomorrow much like today partly to mostly cloudy skies about a fifty percent.

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