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Yeah, I mean, I thought you'd be handing out a's. I thought you gave an 8 a Louisville. Like your favorite teacher, I thought you'd just be handing out like somebody gives you an apple and you're just handing out everywhere all the way around, but you're not. You're not. There's no screwing around here in Chicago right now. I'm getting down to business. You are, you are. Christians goes from New Mexico state to Mississippi state. I was there watching Christians and shit. They almost pulled up another upset and beat Yukon and then beat Arkansas to go to the sweet 16. Dancers are Bowling Green. Got fired for something off the court. Went to New Mexico state. Has done a really good job there. John Cohen, the AD at Mississippi state hires him to replace Ben howling down and stark Vegas, I love it. Like, I love it. I think this is a perfect fit. Now again, Mississippi state when they won at the highest level, it was slick Rick, stansbury. You know, now you got so many IL that you got to deal with for James, it may take some time, but I love the fit, I think he'll get him to the tournament, maybe two tournaments once he kind of gets this thing going. I'm giving it an a minus. 25 plus wins for the last 5 years. His teams are tough. They played super hard. I agree that he fits in. I think with kind of what you need to do to win at Mississippi state. So I'll go, I'll go be plus. Okay. All right, that's fair. South Carolina. They're replaced Frank Martin with Lamont Paris. They tried Sean Miller. He chose Xavier over South Carolina. There were some other guys that kind of tried to work after ended up getting them on Paris, who's been a Chattanooga, took them to tournament this year. They almost beat Illinois in that first round matchup..

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