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My special guest is Justin Green. Who is the founder of Horrific and the author of the book Epic Business. Justin's Got a great story because he was a journalist. Troyer's me the pivot and is now a very well known. PR expert in coach who sought out all around the world, so don't go away. This week's tech news. First up is sales force is in talks. To acquire slack for 27.7 billion deals supposed to happen in the next two quarters. It's big news because slack is this Beloved By two little chattel that lots of engineers and other folks use specially. I've been standing 50,000 employees. And I had Alan Line one. CTU was slack on a few months back on the show. What was interesting about it is even with all of the remote work happening around slack. He did not increase their share price that much from when they appeared last year. But now, with this acquisition by sales force, it is actually moved their stock price up considerably. Google has been in the works of being more than a search and data company. They're actually getting into the banking business. They announced a while back that they're gonna get to check the accounts. And it was announced recently that there will be eight banks United States They'll be parting with Google, including BBVA and BMO Think of Montreal and Citigroup. And the reason why they're all doing that from the banking side is based one to be seen as innovative haven't come from both banking and technology. You want to be seen as actually the cutting edge. And so it's kind of a win win scenario between Google wanting to get the data and analytics from being tied to financial services and banks being associate the rule. Uber is in talks, reportedly to sell its flying taxi business to a secretive started named Jobe Aviation over was trying to do for Electric flying cars what they were doing for actual cars, which is a right service. Imagine taking a helicopter from Manhattan to the Hamptons. Apparently uber did not want to be in the business anymore. And so they have decided to sell it. And in my final tech news, which will lead into my cyber tip. It is really easy to hack a Tesla to and you could do it for under 300 bucks, and that's the tech news of the week..

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