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It's what makes a Subaru s Subaru. Ten fifty three. It's time for traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all-wheel-drive traffic on the threes. Here's Kevin Brennan, Jim that expressway northbound stop and go east Milton uh upon sitting got a little running room. You're ready to gain Savon hill, the Columbia road. And then you're locked up at massive all the way into the O'neil tunnel to disabled truck off to the left here by government center inside the tunnel itself. Expressway, southbound slow go, and Columbia road down through seven hill, after that, not too, bad getting down to the Braintree split down in the mid Cape highway westbound slow going through that Harwich stretch between exits eleven and ten and then he got a two mile backup to the sag Amore bridge out to the west pike, eastbound tap of the brakes just before Newton corner. You're better after that four ninety five looks okay to and from the pike if you're heading out in that chicopee stretch route ninety one northbound in chicopee. They're dealing with a truck roll over still has just one lane. Open at the intersection at three ninety one and that. Three ninety one ramp to ninety one north remains closed. This report sponsored by Krylov fusion crawl on fusion, all in one spray paint bonds to most surfaces for maximum rest, protection and excellent coverage. No sanding or priming necessary. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors so you can get the right finish in a single afternoon. Cry long today. We spray Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the threes. And farmers insurance. They know roof can withstand a lot, one exception being an airborne car seen it covered it get.

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