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So here's a few things. That i remember okay so over sixty battle-tested on their line is battle-tested in part of it. I think sharing my personal experience. When i was younger. I want someone who would perfect track record but then after having gone through a few dark nabbed the souls moment and i realized actually don't want someone with perfect track record is then no rich relatedness to people going through their dark nabbed. The sole woman right is there is actually huge learnings and blessings in disguise. And i want to get those insights for someone who having gone through. You know maybe bankruptcy or divorce. Whatever the traumatic thing they could they go through because they want their Through it stronger exactly right and they can give a advice not because they learned it in a book but because they experienced that and you can hear that the conversation for sure there's a resonant tone where certain things said certain way that inform you that this person's lived the experience you know there's a truth to it and that's a really important up maybe nonverbal criteria to be mindful of when you're in the president somebody your props considering that of important role. Yeah and he also said. This person is an eager to hog mike because to me. You didn't say this but this is my interpretation is what i say is is a sign of insecurity if you have to speak verses of real confidence embodiment like hey i know what i know what i don't know you want it. Fantastic steak at all energy about this gravitas. That great word. Yeah so so these animals are. You said dress appropriately. So it's not too disconnected with the times that is still like subtle yet must not like the failures. They're kinda listening. You know what i mean. I could tell that they're listening. They're kind of they're. They're they're where they need to be there. Not a over dressing. Nothing's worse than a sixty five year old woman wearing a miniskirt. You know what. I mean trying to be relevant. You know it's like ruined myself for the rest of the conversation. Got the image of my ed now but just to say that. I do not have a comment on that one. you know. this is sorta say things. I'll have to be kind of proportional you know it's like debris driving brand new corvette. That's kind of racy for them. You know maybe something more understated that would makes sense. So there are kennedy's signals that you sort of look at and you say okay. Is this person really current. But they're not trying to visibly prove a point. You know what i mean. There's this again this cocktail this mixture. The has a resonance safety attached to it because they don't have too much investment in trying to convince other people of their value. Because that's what we're saying. You're yeah i got it full name body place of confidence right better during the young energy right. Okay i wanna bring it to the theme of our talk. I can talk with already. Name is how do you deliberately play at your full potential. And i know that you are men of precision so you chose those words very specifically deliberate play all potential right so share with us limit. Why did you pick those words in. Put them in that particular phrase to play a big game. It's intentional. it's a process. It's not an accident..

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