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Of Michael Friedman serving Marylanders and the mid Atlantic states for over thirty five years your exclusive W. CBM weather channel forecast I first bringing along the mostly sunny skies today beautiful day really temperatures are on the warm side of average got a cold front will cross the mid Atlantic Tuesday and yes we will see some rain into the picture of later in the day on Tuesday today low fifties tonight maybe a stray shower late overnight low falls back to thirty seven some early patchy fog for our Tuesday early clouds rain becomes likely middle upper fifties and we've got rain for our Tuesday night I'm Jeff you know for the weather channel for talk radio six eighty W. C. B. out currently fifty one degrees at the inner harbor in downtown Baltimore reporting at twelve oh six I'm Michael full abilities six eighty WCBS news broadcasting live from the WCCO missing retirement solutions studio this call rollbar roll it for ten to six six eleven twenty for all the weapons safe retirement solutions dot com the Rush Limbaugh show starts now on talk radio six eighty eight WCBS still your music lover still cigarettes conversational it's all across playing here we are Rush Limbaugh and the same the EIB network and the note in his distinguished Limbaugh institute for advanced studies of everything that matters no no degrees now graduates because the learning never stops along the mayor Florida Rhonda Santos continues to lobby for an honorary degree and we have this under continued the advised governor governor yeah probably will happen even in a mere matter of time here's the phone number if you want to be in a program eight hundred two eight two two eight eight to the email address L. rush won't be I'd be that dot US okay let me start with an attempt still still remnants of the.

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