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Reallocations to kind of get your portfolio in line with. You know what your truest tolerances is today, and I'm going so two things that can happen. Number one is time goes by, I was going to say sometimes times. Time could go by so fast that you don't even realize And it's not necessarily a top of mind thing. You've got a gazillion other things going on in your world. So Hey, let's look at re balancing our portfolio. Probably not on the top five Top 10 list of things You have to get done this week. No, that's ah, that often gets put off. Put off. Put off. Yeah, Yeah, yeah. You know what? You're right. That is something we should do. Later, and all of a sudden later is a year later two years later. Exactly. And you know what? So that's where time can get you. But the other thing that can get you, Jen it it doesn't necessarily have to take a lot of time. Years is Just growth, right? So I don't just given example if you had Ah 70 30 type of portfolio and he had 70% equities and 30%. You know when in bonds or what have you And let's just say you had a really good six months. A really good year, Right? Right on, you know, so you had a good year. Well If 70% of your portfolio let's just say made 20% returns And then the 30% only made you know a 3% return 4% return the bonds. So The point is the lion cheerier accounts because they grew faster than the more conservative portion of your assets in no time. Blink your eyes and your account could be totally off kilter. Yes, for us How It's balanced with your risk. I great makes sense. Yes, Absolutely. So, I mean, it's a good thing, but it still could knock things out of balance. Absolutely. And there's many, many different cool things that you may not be aware of your for instance, we worked through it. If you're working with us your money, it's important to know your money is not sitting at Goldstone Financial Group, right, so it's not In the walls of our company right here in Oakbrook Know we work with major custodians like fidelity like TD Ameritrade and TD Ameritrade. Charles Schwab just can emerge together here. So your money sitting with those companies, your account statements come from them. Everything's from given example. TD. Ameritrade institutional, not retail that we worked through. He has a pretty cool thing called I Rebel. And and it'll kinda automatically re balance the accounts. As certain accounts grow in certain positions grow. It'll automatically re balance it for you to kind of always keep you In line so you don't get off kilter. Does that make sense? Yes, because of kilter because then can sometimes end up meaning a nasty surprise later on. Yes. We don't want nasties prizes here on No, no, no, We like surprises that involve flowers and chocolate. That's Yeah, sure. I'll take a chocolate part to keep the flowers I'll take. I'll take the chocolate. Don't know. Right now. I'd fight your for chocolate. It's 2020 Come on. Well, that's that's true going into the fall. Yeah, good shot with good time of the year to have, But But But yes, So it's really making sure that you keep up with it right? And one of the things that will do for ws listeners give us a call come out to visit with us it and we Have AH, great planet's risk allies and we can take every position you have. Don't worry. We do all the heavy lifting, right. So right off your account statements. I don't care Blackout your account number if you want. It doesn't matter. That's where fiduciary you know, anyway, doesn't but we just need all the ticker symbols. Then we can plug all those things in and kind of measure the risen. What's cool is it doesn't just say Okay, your accounts moderate, conservative, aggressive? No, that's very, very basic. This could actually measure You know, with extreme accuracy. What if we saw a repeat of you know, February march of this year? What would have your portfolio if we saw, you know a repeat of 2000? What if Oil prices, you know, Rose or fell. What if inflation did this that so there's all these different scenarios that we can plug into the software literally, like hundreds and This way. You really know where you're at in many people, Jen, you know, we helped a couple recently came in to visit with us and and they told me. Hey, Anthony. You know we're getting ready to retire here. They were age 65 66, they said. We feel like we had ah, kind of a scare at the start of this year because in February march of this year, the market just Taint. You know, you saw the Dow lose almost 37% in like 22 trading day. So they said, You know, we had a little bit of a scare as we were, you know, getting close to retiring here. And we feel very fortunate that we have the bounce that a lot of that has come back up and it kind of V shaped recovery. But they said, You know what? Yesterday? We can't afford to have that happen again. We're all right. We're at a stage in our life that we can't afford to know. Balance. 40%. Bouncy, bouncy. Well, they didn't use those words, but no, no bouncy and our account right now know, and and it was one of these kind of white your brow and safe. You okay? Dodged that one. But that bullet got it back yet. But the warning heating, though, Yeah. What's the old saying? Once? Shame on you. Shame on me and Jen. In reality. I personally feel that it's We have a gift. It is an absolute gift that the market has come back up. Still quickly, despite the fact of, you know, still pretty horrible unemployment, you know, numbers out there and everything else Just do do the cove it impact right so The bottom line is we have an opportunity in which were at a time of the year we're leading up to. Ah, major presidential election where anything goes. It's anyone's guess who's gonna win, right? Yeah. And I mean, a lot of people are surprised at 2016. So you know, nobody knows what this is gonna how it's gonna end here and what consequences can come of it, but When the dust settles as we get closer to this, you know, election coming up here. I'm predicting we're going to see Probably more and more volatility. Oh, yeah, I know. Stunned if we didn't, honestly, exactly, And you know what that just legion said, believe. Hey, look, This is a really good opportunity. Two while things are somewhat coma at the moment, this 20 twenties version of calm well, okay, the market you know, At least the markets aren't going. Oh, yes, Spastic agreed in March of this year. Exactly. This is this is the This is 20 twenties version of calm, so take advantage of it because Wu is coming. Yeah, exactly. I mean, look at the S and P. I mean he's climbed whatever I mean, almost 45% or something to extend since You don't market low and in March, so thes air good times while we have this. Who knows, is it Is it a calm before storm? I don't know this chart tax just going to get thrown upside down on their head in skyrocket. I don't know, but All I know is limited in the present right at this moment and looking uh, what's ahead? All I know is this is a really darn good time to take action and helped create a plan. Before things get crazy, and not to mention We're coming up on holidays and everything else this year. Yeah, so you know what? Sit down, you know, give us a shout, Sit down with one of our fiduciary advisers weaken. Run a risk Allies assessment on your existing portfolio. We may point out some things that you weren't aware of. You know what we'll run? Ah, fie analysis for you. We know where the hidden land mines are internal cost that don't show up on Your statement so we can educate you on how much you're truly being charged in cost. How much risk you're truly taking doesn't make sense to make some adjustments or leave it alone and then when we can also assess You know what are the best strategy is to kind of minimize the taxes that you're inevitably going to have to pay on your eye racing For one case, Gent, we help people all the time. No W s listeners out there. You know, people listening just like yourself on a daily weekly basis, You know, people are saving significant amounts of money on taxes on their IRA and 41 K counts were Creating plants so I would encourage you, you know, to do the same. And in question for you, you know? Are you the type of person who takes action in tackles, issues head on or you more likely to just kinda panic Freeze. And be reactive. So you know, today we're talking about four critical things that we feel you must do with your money and your investments..

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