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Nothing now is in the Bronx Mets ahead of the Marlins three. To five Tiger Woods teed off he's four strokes back of the. Leader Brooks kept the final round of the, PGA championship wins news time to forty one, time for traffic and. Transit here's Rebecca Missouri on the turnpike heading northbound you've. Got major delays I crash right by exit four, heading north and then. Another one right by Atlantic street right by exit, eight so it's, a mess heading northbound southbound not too bad just a pockets of delays heading into New York New York state throughway that's a mess southbound from the Garden State Parkway heading towards scenario Cuomo bridge and both directions of the hutches slow go between the cross county Parkway and the New England through way northbound Harlem river drive a slow ride from the one fifty s heading towards the George southbound stop, and go from the one hundred and forty fifth street bridge heading, towards the RFK I'm a Dominican day parade is happening that's going on till force of sixth avenue between thirty fifth and fifty sixth. That is closed here's what you need to. Know. About the bridges and the tunnels crash on the verrazano bridge Brooklyn-bound the lower. Level two lanes blocked. The George right now twenty on the. Upper thirty in the lower heading in outbound nets around fifteen Lincoln tunnel five and ten out and the Holland. That's around twenty heading in and fifteen to twenty on your way. Out I'm Rebecca Missouri's our next report at, two fifty one on ten ten win wins, news time to forty. Two it's an emotional day in both Charlottesville and DC. Where rallies or marketing a year since the protests, that ended in tragedy. And sparked a national conversation about race and politics, technically there is, no permit for rallies in Charlottesville but that's not stopping people from gathering at a city park to denounce racism today they also gathered last night at the university of Virginia where student organizer Clara Carlson was disappointed that the school hasn't done more to acknowledge the association between monuments and a painful.

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