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Could go in the mood drove the monju war on coal glen hurry ogooh macron who who i would not make room for abortion and around eleven pm cooler icu coordinator and you know or do not horror population control on or are under control control so uh horrible thing however uh if you don't have a very soon uh program three two and a half could and would be people one india will occur bill they wanted to give her who knows uh um no that will cost money alone said white group we'll have no social security eight or nine months earlier what day it would they want funerals for all miscarriages plumber people do particularly going on the mental who porcu no no parretti even mentioned jeff varner from the current who graham there uh we'll from a real do home the mental right however uh really uh what could uh whole wish you uh what about the many hundreds of people were more rate central africa i mean good god no clue about the real world would want those women who uh a uh good who pregnant crew of aboard facton i mean that i agree should be able anyone who was raped should have the opportunity to have an abortion anyway work uh i'll talk week on wpro alone driver go and he went on a good week but i can understand you a wonderfully and i appreciate so much you're calling even though you have a little lower judges he are and i get show lodge robert o'quinn more here ugglas let's go to asia virna park and welcome vladimir the wcbm good evening mr were good evening well i'll give you a little here though here's a little who hold on i can hear you can you hear me now i can hear you know okay a little history lesson oh with over the centuries there has been my massive killings and gap and destruction if since the beginning of time and eight look at germany with with the seven million jews and it goes on what happened in china uh 100 years ago and all we reigns our had been get uh disturbed about uh isis is like a amtel just because we stepped on them in one area.

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