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Until i seven forty that would be there you discreet cheap you yeah it was probably in three d that's right correct it was not very good but it was okay it was good if they released it on time decided to at all these agp function to it and made a descent year and a half late no tools i guess what it is right we have this deal g series on the run down but i think i deleted it from the show so i don't have a link for it but del released g series gaming notebooks i don't have i don't have anything for it i think it's it's like their inspiration level gaming notebooks it's they're sort of mainstream gaming notebooks that alienware stuff so i mean they've had the on fifteen gaming for awhile i think there's kind of rebranding hp to similar thing today we didn't have the news up on it but they have inspir on gaming notebooks now as opposed to their own stuff the hp does not have inspir on sorry pavilion there you go i was i was i was thinking through my wheels has like no something's not right in that sentence up there it is very similar brand think got it so okay all right so there's that let's let's talk about samsung seven nanometer apparently based on this story from tim sampson completes development of seven enemy or process tech this is a heavily translated document so keep that in mind as we go through all all the details there six months ahead of schedule with seven animator e you've process.

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