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Why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof 10 23. Now. An additional $30,000 reward is now being offered in the case of Devon McNeil, the 11 year old boy killed in southeast on July 4th. Now that brings the total reward for information leading to an arrest or conviction to $55,000 to men are under arrest in the case, But police are looking for additional suspects. They're identified his 19 year old Carlo general and 25 year old Marcel Gordon, both of Southeast D. C. D. C. Police asking anyone with information about this case to call them. The D. C board of Ed passed a resolution this week urging city leaders to remove school resource officers. It's a non binding resolution, but comments from the one dissenting board member seem to be having a strong impact. Ashley McLane is a strong supporter of the D. C. Police department and the school Resource officer program. Sarah's lead to improved police call response and reductions in trying city. But when she cited examples of why she believes as sorrows are needed, her colleagues accused her of using races. Stand dehumanizing language, and it's well known that mean at least one school east of the river that known gang members and human traffickers. A k A Pimps hang out during school. Nama Clay's colleagues on the D C school board tell D C'est They want to change the boards by laws, so they consent. You're someone for using language viewed as problematic or racist. John Dome and W T O P News coming up Next Wall Street is a little lower. I'm Jeff Play ball. Seats 10 24. Your favorite things feel made for you. Your education should to University of Maryland Global campus was made to serve the military and working adults like you. And for more than 20 years you NGC.

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