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Larson dot com. Today's privacy policies. Do not tell consumers the whole story. I'll tell you about a company that's a prime example of that coming up next. And I'm not sure whether he'll object to what they've been doing or not I myself am unlike on most other subjects I'm a bit Vivian about whether or not I like it or don't like it the controversial overturning of the Kentucky Derby race result caused quite a fi fuss in the racing world this last weekend. He agree with the outcome or day. Yes pun intended. Here's a conspiracy theory for you. When Donald Trump sees North Korea's cargo ship was it a standard patrol was the. US trying to send a message to Kim. The better get with the program or are talks are gonna stop. I'll talk to an expert about that later on a man who served in the military and knows his stuff and take a moment to cast vote. My Twitter poll at LARs Larson dot com at LARs Larson show, you find a brand new question on those two places are Twitter poll at LARs Larson show should the United States provide health care to illegal aliens said no to that with the caveat that if you encounter in some American city, a person has just been in a car wreck who's been shot is somehow in danger of losing his or her life. We save the person's life, regardless. Now that's been the law in the United States for a good long time. So you save someone's life. But Joe Biden is talking about giving Medicaid.

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