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And I think you guys are keeping it. That way it it really is about the operators who are the heroes of the highway when these types of storms happened. Your question was tired. No that was exhilarating actually yesterday Davidge chance to ride along on what is one of our to toe plows, and that is a type of snowplough unit that actually has a trailer unit that can slide out to the side remote control. And they can plow two lanes of the highway at once. It's just amazing to watch. Wait. Hold on a second. You weren't driving the snowplow. No, I was holding down the co-pilot. All right. Get out of here. Then. No. I mean, I give you a lot of credit for going out there for four hours and being around one hundred driving around one hundred miles is unbelievable. Tell us where you drove. And what you saw. I mean, how bad was it for people on the I forty and in flagstaff. Yeah. And I'm not quite sure. On the mileage we were circling around the flagstaff area got like a hundred miles for sure. But we we were travelling from eight odds east flagstaff maintenance yard on out onto I forty and we went from east flagstaff to the west, and we went over to the community of parks, which is on the way to Williams. And then did the circle there came back in the eastbound direction went through flagstaff again, you know, the the interchange with is seventeen went past little America and and went back into fuel. And then we got the word that the to- plow was needed down on ice seventeen to the south of flagstaff. So we went on a route that took us down two months park by then the sun had gone down. And. And we were driving in very heavy snow coming down last night. Just remarkable to see the snow flying. The quite frankly, the courage of a snowplow operator in this case. The captain of the ship was a gentleman named Matt's bowls. And he did a great job driving. This to- plow 'cause he has to keep on top of that writing. Hey, Doug, Doug, Jones dot spokesman was in flagstaff months park. All that kind of stuff yesterday..

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