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Sometimes the average order value on the order bump is now that incremental average order value that you get from. The orb is the prophet for the product. Yeah yeah so. I think logic applied to the checkout process. I absolutely agree with. I think where i go off the rails a little bit with funnels and this is maybe really sticking. Point is the it's the squeeze in the initial squeezer that traffic and then my inability to see you know who that person is or where they went. Because i don't have a multi page experience or environment which i understand. You know you already told me that. Multi-paged kills the initial opt. But in the google it can be super helpful. Yeah it depends on where you're coming from. I totally blank on what you just set. But honestly we got kind of quick anyway in terms of what we're talking about. We started went full circle. So maybe if there's a way to just like learning at us out bring it back home. Yeah let's do it. I just checked that customer site. They do not have an order bump so funny so there's money left on the table right there. We'll have to figure out exactly what to do about. So that's the stuff that will look at in these deeper fun. And it's not a very deep funnel but as soon as we go into digital like webinar options. And we've got customers that are doing all that sorta stuff you know multiple video sequences to a high price offer. We talked about one a couple of weeks ago. Maybe on our youtube live but a coaching customer. That we have which is worked really well on facebook and our transferring that over to youtube same type of thing multiple step in the funnel and we just find that an interruption marketing. It's like it's it is more of a necessity than a luxury but if you do combine some of those front end video especially with a sales funnel. It's a really good combination. And then you layer in the right type of intent based advertising on top of that. Be that google that youtube which is intent and interruption sort of a combination of the two. It's a great way to scale and grow business. So i don't know who won the funnel debate here but i think it's sort of a standoff between you and i and other continuing subject of conversation because it's super interesting because at the end of the day is a sales funnel the right thing for you. Well it depends on your business. But i think there's some different definitions of exactly what a sales funnel is. And i. i've. I've enjoyed debating this one with you costume. We need a way for our listeners to chime in in like lobbed grenades at us in pick sides just go full on twitter trench warfare. We should you know this might actually be a good add on subject for youtube lives for perpetual fridays which by the way every friday over the digital marketer youtube channel eleven am eastern eight am pacific. I was one of reverse those for some reason but don't show show up at eight. am eastern. because i won't be there but qassem will be there at eight. am pacific. I'll be there at eleven. Am eastern hope to see their every friday over a perpetual fridays and yeah look forward to the interaction. That will get here. I think we should definitely do this. As a as a funnel debate funnel showdown part the part. It's all. I know about french right there. So everything that we mentioned here.

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