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Affordable luxury car so buying a new one outright isn't quite there yet but you know I guess it kind of fits. What everybody plan is what everybody's budget is? But that was his recommendation. You've seen the we've talked about the new Porsche. The nine two a you know we talked about the new Porsche. Turbo S which Again Alison chance to drive. He's got a couple of videos on Edmunds in regards to that. We saw the new nine. Elevens I think year ago at L. A. Auto Show and there's been some interesting portion news one of my favorite cars. The nine eleven body styles is the TARGA. And we've had the nine eleven we've had the ASS. We have the two wheel drive in the four wheel drive the all wheel drive the forest and the turbo s and on the new platform and now they just released the targa and it is fantastic. It is gorgeous and they're doing the same ideas they did as the previous generation. Targa it has the power soft top in the Middle. And if you really look at that car the one of the reasons why. Looks Beautiful. Not just the you know the blade that goes across the separate the roof bar. Yeah the target bar on the previous one day where they were like a brushed silver right like brushed aluminum stain. Almost yeah and then the GTS came default with the Black Tar bar by when you build a GTS on the configuration on their website. You could you can opt to go back to to the brush. Stainless look if you wanted to. But they just try to differentiate the GTS between the two by default by changing the different colors But the rear glass is beautiful piece of glass that starts off the side quarter windows and and Ben's into a rear glass in into one piece so your rear visibility in that car is better than the normal cars and it looks fantastic. And it's nice to see that they're continuing with that. Also you can get those with a manual transmission like the normal nine elevens and the fours so I like the idea of that now my my favorite car and the previous lineup was the porsche nine. Eleven GTS four Targa and you can get it with a manual transmission the GTS gave it the centre lock wheels like on the turbo ass. And and but you can get it with a seven speed manual what you can't get in the turbo and the terrible ass And it has the Nice. Gts bits the Alka Tara. You know there's a lot of standard options that come with the GTS kind of make it bang for the buck. And you're somewhere like I know. Sixty or seventy thousand dollars less than the turbo money right and so I always thought that would be a really really cool car to have so. This new target is gorgeous. There is like I said the the standard nine eleven and the ass but there isn't a gts there isn't a GTS in the current lineup yet. Point I'd like to see a GTS at some point but it's it's nice now that the one thing that does is it does have a tendency in my opinion to suffer from some color combinations. I there's a guy down the street from me in my neighborhood that has all black was black. Targa bar and it's the configuration that you were talking about. Is that long domain name. It yet but it looks spectacular but then I was down in Newport and I saw one and I can't remember what color was it was an odd color like a blue or something and it just didn't it was like to talk about almost stuck out too much with the silver and I know a eastern zone right but I think sometimes Less is more and that all black look so wicked when I see him coming down the hill. Yeah it's tough to notice that if the block has the black bar like on the GTS. Yeah it's tough to tell its target. You're just looking at it going. Hey this not eleven looks good. I like the rear glass. I like the shape of it. And it's got little black to pay for a soft top which is which is addressing but from a distance. You wouldn't even know that it was was a targa opened up and it looks good at the thing is is a big wheels centre lock wheels. Everything looks yeah so that is the GTS. That's nice. That's a nice one. That's he's probably spent one hundred and sixty thousand on that one that configured. But it's not. It's not turbo money. Which is two hundred plus down? They keep going up in price. So all the Porsche's now. We talked about have turbo engines but the naming convention is we have whatever nine eleven we have an ass we have the GTS. We have a TURBO TURBO S. That's that's now. Just sort of the upscale diversion the more powerful version but they all have turbo on it and of course we talked about this as well but the Thai can take in tight taken. Isn't it ticon tight? Ticon RHYMES WITH ICON corner. Okay icon. That's a just a pure vehicle as you guys know but there was a turbo ass and then that are in the four ass or whatever the base model is that our current did you malls. I believe are four ass at a terrible ass but obviously no turbo on the just. That's just the name now right. It's sort of like saying it's a m five instead of five series or am versus versus the non mg versions of the car so They've all got the turbo power on it now. But what's interesting is new rules coming into place. These are emissions rules coming into place in Europe all the E U Rules and these are kind of wacky right. So they're saying we're GONNA put a limit on how much power and engine can make per leader right so if you went with a three liter twin turbo making good power four hundred and fifty horsepower in in your in your vehicle. Great Little Sports car package smaller engine lighter weight more efficient well the EU is saying. Oh no no. We don't want you to make that much power you'd have to make a bigger engine to make more power and like why this is stupid. Why would you do that? We can make smaller more efficient engines. And their argument is is they think they're gonNA force car companies to move towards hybrid and electric drive trains right by saying. Oh we're going to force you to not make an efficient gas engine so us more electric drive train. But that doesn't work for some companies that are specialty sports car companies like Porsche. Does I think they saw? I don't know something about ninety. Five hundred nine eleven year. It's not it's very profitable for them and it's an important part of the brand but they they sell a lot of SUV's they're going to sell a bunch of the electric cars so whereas the current Porsche has a great packaging of a small turbocharged engine with a lot of power the next version of the nine eleven and twenty twenty six will have to step up to a larger engine. They'RE GONNA have to go back to something like a four leader engine because to make the horsepower that they wanna make without any sort of hybrid drive. Train increase everything they. The government forcing them to go in. The Opposite Direction is seems weird. Right. I'M GONNA make a prognostication here too though Matt. I believe that code has changed everything and I think as long as that's not too far down the road at this point we might see changes just like la who said we couldn't have plastic bags at the grocery stores. I mean that was neto but now we got plastic bags. They're encouraging a jake. We're seeing a lot of these things. People that wanted mass transit now. They want to go to individual cars. Because it's safer I think. And what getting out is that? I think the e you will recognize that there's been such an economic you know weight on the shoulders of all the manufacturers that they might start hauling back on a little bit that yeah so a company like Porsche can afford to make this change their profitable operation over there. I believe they are. I don't see why they wouldn't be But but yeah for this rule to apply to a lot of other car companies it. It's it's tough you've got imagine. They've got people up on the hill. Whatever their hill is lobbying going. I don't know we we want to do this We should come up with a better plan. And they're they could. There's a compromise they can say. Hey we'll still meet the EU like fleet MPG standards and and and whatnot and we'll still do it cleaner and we'll still invest in hybrids and EVT's but we want to make small more efficient engines for our sports cars right. The guy from Porsche said that the catalytic converters on these larger engines twenty twenty six. Because we haven't even gotten there yet. He said they're gonNA have to be so huge. It's like it's to like what the that Cadillac Is going to be expected to do? Is going to be way beyond what we're doing now and by car getting pretty clean right like Oh yeah you go into a parking garage and your new car sitting there running idling you've you don't notice. Some guy runs through the sprints through there with a leaf blower a gas edge leaf flower. And you're going to be choking to death right that has got to be spewing far more emissions than any other car on the road. And He Kerr made in the last two decades it's gotta be way cleaner than than than any leaf blower out. They're not always size. You can't let me converter but the way I mean those things are heavy. Yeah so they're going to have to do some adjusting there because you know they. The wait is such a factor on everything speaking of weight. I want to talk about this big giant. Bmw X. Seven the largest SUV with the world's largest kidney grille out there before we do that another reminder from our friends at at Dutch so I guess dealers opening which is fantastic so visit your local dodge dealer or.

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