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Oh my God. It's hilarious. It's hilarious. There's a giant walrus in the net. Played goalie, and as a reward after after he like makes a bunch of saves as a reward the coach throws a fish too from the from the bench into his mouth to feed him. It's really really funny. I also like the gossiping marmots from or is it marmots? Yeah. The gossiping gossiping marmots in the office. Have you seen that one on? Yeah. That's a funny one too. So anyway, but yeah that commercial with the Tabasco commercials a classic with the exploding mosquito. It's a classic. Seven eight area code says, the Catholic church on north avenue was Saint Vincent Ferrari. Yeah. Yeah. That's it. That's it. We ended up not getting married there though. Six three coats says back in the you know, where Heather, and I got married, and we were were you there? Reception. Yes. Yes. I did go to both. Yes. You did. 'cause we're right by we were at the at the church. Remember the name of the church out of the church on the corner of by Belmont Sheffield right near bellmont? Sheffield right there by Wrigley Ville, that's where we got married. Cool church. Let's see six three cuts back in the eighties. When I finally got my driver's license. I would drive from Fullerton California all the way to Russell's to get some of their ribs. And then and then go back home. It's that's see. That's what I'm saying. You live at Fullerton in California, and you go out to to to Thatcher woods ticket some ribs that that's clearly it's good. Paul and Waukesha says the best Honey mustard is from Donald's. I wish I could get it at the store. Yeah. The Honey mustard that you dip your little nuggets in those are actually the Honey mustard at McDonald's is really good. Now, you do you do you? Eat chicken mcnuggets new. I have a four year old. So yes. Do you opt when you do do you opt for the Honey mustard? She likes barbecue sauce. For the barbecue sauce. Right. Yeah. Because barbecue sauce on a four year olds palette? Yeah. That's much better than I gotta try the Honey mustard now, though, it's good. It's real good. It's real good. Seven seven three area code says, seventy eight red ketchup is the best on the market it sold at select jewels and target what restaurant. We I went to a restaurant that had it on the table that had seventy eight. A red catch up on. How man I can't. Remember what it was? But anyway, it's the gets to catch up that they you know, what I think it's the greatest restaurant on the planet. That they bring that out when you order something that you know, that could use catch up. That's the catch up. I believe that George has the greatest from the greatest restaurant on the planet. The Galster, Dan, I believe they use seventy eight red ketchup. Six eight four seven area code says Tabasco makes their own catch up. They do. Wow. Right. Canadian Bill says do you remember when hidden valley came in a package and you had to mix it with sour cream to make the ranch dressing. That was when I when I was younger that was the only way you could get that. They didn't have the bottle ranch dressing. It was in the sixties because they couldn't bottle. It would go bad eventually hidden valley was sold to Clorox and they fix the problem. All right. Yeah. I remember when I was a kid when I was a little kid. They never had bottled ranch dressing. He's right. Canadian Bill is absolutely right. It was all the package powder that you'd have to mix either with buttermilk sour cream or something. That was the only way that you could get ranch dressing. Su said grey Poupon. And no, I'm not joking. Crepe coupon is good. Right. Where did we leave off? I think we're at Massachusetts Massachusetts. Of course is Natasha. Tesla. In michigan. The number one condiment is totally Alfredo and aged parmesan cheese sauce. So Michigan and Indiana. Both have totally Alfredo aged parmesan cheese sauce. See that's why you gotta like our neighbors because that's pretty good. Minnesota nature's way extra virgin coconut oil again. I most confused about that one. I gotta say Mississippi French's, crunchy toppers, crispy jalapenos. Missouri. French is classic yellow mustard. Montana. Skippy super chunky peanut butter. Well, I answered that question is answered now earlier if I said peanut butter was, but they go they first of all the brand has to be skipping. He's gotta be soupy super chunky. Nebraska Saracho chili sauce. Nevada helman's mayonnaise. I would think I don't know why I would think for for Nevada. I would think like hot sauce. I don't know why that would be the first thing that popped into my head would be for Nevada would be a hot sauce. New hampshire. Wishboned bell Sammaka talion vinaigrette. Ooh. Fancy New Hampshire. Yeah. A wishbone bell sound like Italian vinaigrette. New Jersey brutally vodka sauce year. Yeah. Course jersey. New Mexico McCormick, garlic salt. See it's all over the map this stuff. New york. North Carolina Franks red hot original Cayenne pepper sauce. North dakota. Oh, listen, listen to how specific this one is, Dan. People North Dakota helman's carefully crafted dressing and sandwich spread. Carefully. Crafted not only the title, but the mayonnaise. Fred. Helman's carefully crafted dressing and sandwich spread. You know by the time by the time you ask if it's available. The is going to close by the time you get the name of the product out of your mouth. Here's Dave on WGN. Hi, dave. Hey, I was a kid growing up in the sixties and seventies. We we always had Plaquemines mustard out. Yeah. The church shaped like a yellow is a yellow was like a yellow barrel. Yeah. Yellow squeeze bottle, right? And and how about a one steak sauce. I like that on my hamburgers. Yup. Okay. All right. Thanks, dave. Plaquemines is a classic yellow mustard yellow plastic bottle shaped like a barrel. Because you know, when you want mustard you wanted to come from a barrel. That's what you know. You don't wanna play around. What about Heinz fifty seven? We were talking about steaks eight eighty one a Heinz fifty seven obviously has a completely different tastes than than than a one. Hey, do you. Remember the commercial where? The it's an eight one commercial where the guy and this guy who's been he's been in a bunch of movies. I can't remember his name. But he was in. He was in the howling. I remember that specifically because I because I remember when I saw the howling. I was like, hey, the a one steak sauce guys turn it into where wolf that's that's. It's like, oh that's the one steak sauce game. He's turned into a werewolf. I can't remember the actress name, but Dan, th the gist of the commercial was like this guy was like he's got a hamburger in front of him. And he's like, you know, hamburger isn't ground ham. It's ground steak. So you can use a one steak sauce on it. And it was like one of those commercials where it's like, it's okay to use a one steak sauce on a hamburger, not just necessarily on stake. In fact, it's better on the Hamburg, quite frankly, especially for steak is is a good piece of meat. But yeah, it was like it's not ground ham. It's crown steak. So it was like the commercial was the guy from the guy who turned into a werewolf in the howling telling you that. It was okay to put a one steak sauce on your burger that was the commercial. What's the giggling? Silly to stay up on your hand burgers. My.

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