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L. daily here on to you l. Joa chicago guy in his glory. I'm sure today with justin field set to start this weekend for the chicago. Bears can't wait to talk about all things sports betting and justin fields in the bears with our guy. Joe people remember of course one of the original hosts of better you bet back in season one. Brian baldinger odyssey sports. Nfl insider baldy here for his regular wednesday. Hit talk in national football league. Pete prisco gonna talk. Nfl with us as well from cbs. Sports pete sent me a text of the games that he likes this week. Sides and totals. I disagree with him on a lot of them. So it's going to be a spirited discussion as always with the great pete prisco and adam written one of our favorite guests. he around you better you bet. Espn senior college football writer and reporter talking all the big games this weekend in college football plus. I think it moved get your minds out of the gutter. People were talking about lied movement for week three in the national football league a lot of line movements as we sit here on wednesday doing the show cannon. I will detail all of it. What matters what doesn't matter if it affects bets that we're looking to place for this weekend in the nfl. We've got two segments. Whatever you prefer coming up today on the show on nfl futures. I've got thoughts on the coach of the year market defensive rookie of the year and defensive player of the year. Can't wait to bounce those off. Kency would eat things about those markets and more futures markets in the national football league with whatever you prefer power our final hour all our beds for tonight going to give you some major league baseball. Our guy rick tamp our executive producer chomping at the bit right now to give you takes on the upcoming nba season. Rick a sharp as it comes betting the nba. He's got he's got the team over unders. Maybe some individual player awards will give that to you in the power hour. It is day three of lock mess and on the third day of lock mess. Ken barclay santa lock. You will give to us. I don't know what specifically some college football winters for this week and close what else would it be and we close the show. Tyler morales will join us. Golf bets for the ryder cup. Can't wait to give you ten and you dear listener and you dear viewer. Our bets for the ryder cup. We're locked and loaded here on a wonderful wednesday a lot to do here. Mid week on a hump day can barclay. How you doing doing great. It's nice to be like we're getting in our rhythm a little bit here obviously week three of nfl and week four of college coming up this weekend and just feels like you know kinda know what to expect every day a lot of football conversation. I kinda wake up. And i i know what to prepare for the show. Mind has got of in the same spot. It was last week. So just as someone who loves routines. It's right to have that back. It moved a staple of the wednesday. You better you bet will be back on mogo circling through in earnest. A lot of the line moves. And i know you said something last night. Nick and i think it ended up coming to fruition that you were going to really start you know..

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