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It is the mark Blazer Show with Josh. Cease, Dave. Man Way have the Facebook live page up and going Not as of yet. You want to fire it up. Sure that cool. All right, We're doing it. We're talking about it Live. Here we go. We're putting it on. Now. We're turning it on the W. T V and Facebook page and thank you to the basement Doctor. The live stream. We are. We're clicking on as we speak. Once again. Thank you to the basement doctor for our live stream. On the 6 10 W TV in Facebook page might take me a second or two to get our boat it up. I don't know worries, Man. I'm efforting. No worries. I I'm intrigued by this documentary, Jimmy Carter's documentary. That's going to be in theaters. It's called Jimmy Carter Rock and Roll president and I think one of the interesting things about this. I had no idea. That this happened, But Willie Nelson, as we all know, fancies the ganja multiple times daily. He may have, If are you able to do an I V of that because he may have one of those installed somehow. If you Khun distill it to a drip, he's probably got Well, Willie Nelson talked about being in the White House and smoking pot on the roof of the White House are used to, but I'm not surprised. I mean, we probably would be as Americans you go. The White House. It's a place where I'd bet all kinds of debauchery was going to say compared to some of the other stuff, especially during the Clinton presidency laws. Wolfie Ah Wolfie Cheese Luen school. No. Hillary Willie. I'm sorry. I Willy. You think another bass player for Van Halen? Which is Eddie Van Halen. Son, Wolfie. Um, Willie puffiness. Spliff is the least of the things that have gone on in that place. Well, he talked about smoking on the roof of the White House with a staffer. Guess who? The staffer Wass. It was Chip Carter. Which is Jimmy son, So I guess they were firing up a blunt on On top of the White House. When you think about when that had to have occurred. He was a little more racy a little bit because now you here you go. Eso. What you mean they were sparking a Doob they were sparking is usually see how many different ways we can come up with, say, uh, Anyway, I would love to have heard that conversation. That would be really interesting to hear what they spoke about during that time on the roof. Willie, Willie Nelson and Chip Carter. Which what? How old was he? At that point? I don't know. I should have done my due diligence, Willy. No chip is just a Willy was probably 100. Times and Chip. Nobody knows how old he really is. Now you think Yeah, Probably 17. Yeah. Yeah, That's what I'm guessing too. I think it's going to be interesting to Tio Watch this. The other part of this, too, is in 2013. Jimmy ends up all up until then he advocated for it. And now he's opposed to it, he said. There should be tough restrictions on how it's used in advertising to young people. Isn't it funny how that works? It's like not not not once a pot believer, always a pot believer. Don't know. It just happens to work out that when it gets you votes when you're running for office, and you say I'm all in for it, and you're trying to woo the Younger voting demographic off assure him and it's done. But now there's nothing to be gained from it from him. Then now he's concerned, the other part that I'm a little concerned with. It says It'll be in limited theaters or On CNN. I'm like, man. I know I went theaters or CNN that that's what that's our choice. Really. I have to. I have that channel removed from my my channel places to guarantee that it's not going to be seen in movie theaters, which practically aren't open, or CNN, which nobody watching. So trying to get some ratings again. Good luck. So that'll be fun. And now, Nancy Pelosi Boy, What about this? This has been a firestorm today, I guess depending on who you are, and there's footage aired. If you haven't heard by now, Fox News has footage and they aired it. Of Nancy Pelosi. She has a mask around her neck, not on her face, and she's going through some. It's a AA is a salon, a hair salon in San Francisco. Well, the problem. Biggest part of the problem here is the businesses. They're the rules are that they're not allowed to be opened in the city. At all, and California guidelines that says they vary by county. San Francisco officials have not yet permitted indoor salons to be open unless you're her, so I guess she gets some sort of special pass, right, of course, of course, and then the the guy the salon whoever's working on her, which she should still be there by rights if they need to keep working on her. That should have not been a quick appointment. It should should still be going quite frankly. But the guy behind her. He's following her the one that's working on her and he has a mask on. But yet she's not wearing hers. And and the fact that She has what some of this stuff She's she's talking about how the Republicans have helped create the conditions to safely Rio. If they would only listen to the scientist, yet she's not. She's not listening to them. By not having a mask over this double standard thing. People Yesterday I was getting more than one direct message Who said we should have? You should put spies out of the governor's place to see if he has any labor day gatherings if people come over there I thought, well, I don't know if you can get a drone up in the air over in that area or something along those lines. But wouldn't that be interesting? If there was some footage? People are spread. I mean, it's going to be beautiful this weekend. You see, people spread out there may be wearing a mask. Maybe not. Maybe more than 10. People will listen. When I say awesome if I got some of that here, I know this is going to sound weird. I actually.

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