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Walkers and. Parents pay retail for that foreign Beth a lot of money. So not a sponsor they must because I've been having IT issues. So Phelps IT end in the legs because I run to the I to this thing breaks it up by the way he runs, but he's not running marathons GIS runs. Every time. He sees me walking. I gotta go. Okay. Thera gun. Yes. But by the way, they're not sponsors of ours. I mean, no one can afford four hundred dollars is gonna be version of this. That's a lot less expensive. I think there's a new one coming out sale home second. You can also do the same thing with lacrosse ball, jig jigsaw. Lacrosse ball on your jigsaw. Which sounds like you're you're playing with fate. Go on. Great. If you really not trouble at all. Oh boy. All right. Thank you. Enjoy. I love you. Thanks for vibrating the morning show. Oh my gosh. Seriously that felt so good. I think my wedding may be called off. Did you cheat? What scary a good gift, though, if you live alone because you can't do it how again again one. So you can't yourself. You're back skit Andrew them. He lives by himself. Yeah. All right. Let's get into the Daniel report Danielle freshly vibrated ready for a Daniel report. Remember, the FOX reality show from twenty two thousand three called paradise hotel. No me neither bringing it back. Oh, good luck. An impression I was born to those where everybody was sleeping with each other. And and at the end you see who was last recall that the morning. Cupcake course some concern yesterday. She tweeted out about one is commit suicide. Remember, we talked about that Gandhi. Brought to you love cupcake. I love her it broke, my heart. When I saw that. I didn't even know she was struggling with things, thankfully, she tweeted that she did go to the hospital, and she's finally getting the help that she needs. Thank goodness for that lady Gaga, bad romance video reach one billion views on you to congratulations to miss Gaga. I think we put it over the edge yesterday. When we started the show with it. You're welcome. You're welcome Gaga. So Kim Kardashian has helped few people get out of prison. So now she's getting tons of letters from inmates around the country. They all want her to do the same thing for them. Get them out of prison. Could you imagine some of the letters Kim Kardashian gets from inmates? I can just imagine some interesting ones here, we definitely do. Yes. L letters are the best letters. Other quote, notes back said Gandhi. Venom sequel in the works. That is official though if you're Faneuil excited about that one. Mario batali he's off the hook on the to sexual assault allegations due to lack of evidence, and there's an old video from twenty ten that resurface of Gordon Ramsay being very inappropriate with sofi of Gara on the tonight show. I don't I know. don't know if all that it is kinda creepy. Little weird on tonight. We have the mass singer the series. The goldbergs spinoff called schooled. You also, of course, have Chicago fire, Chicago med modern family. You're the worst. I'm sorry and over net flicks. I know I'm watching should Tocci creek. And what are you watching over? Shitsu creek Sioux creek watching. I already finished it escape from a dental more stoop high mechanics to let me. No, it's done. I can't remember the name of the camera done a more down more more. Yeah. It's so fantastic. It's the best seven episodes of seen in a long time. But a neck I'm going to Unix. Oh, yes. Great show. I watch you telling you, you're gonna wanna wipe your digital footprint off the planet Gandhi is liking black Mira. So if you want Mary. Mira Mira mirror. Everybody knows what I mean. I don't have an accent. I know you're not at all. Miss part of today's show stuff. Awkward real quick open the iheartradio app here. Everything you miss with Elvis Duran on demand rose six inches in three hours full versions of Embry show posted every day. Just search eldest Durant on demand only on the iheartradio app. Elvis.

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