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Wpr shuttled reviews at 10 gave high definition right now santa rosa county the slushie interro santa rosa county sheriff's office is investigating a death on davar beach deputies were called to wanna pagodas around three thirty this afternoon there they found in adult dead in the parking lot and you're the restaurants all the evidence you only get one shot adam it so we are just going slow mickey sure were uh you know uh leaving no stone unturned this is an active investigation and we'll bring it more information once we got it to overlook the county men have been arrested in an undercover probe targeting sexual solicitation of minors over the internet a registered sexual offender was arrested for sending lewd messages who he thought was a thirteen year old girl and advertisement was placed on craigslist fight okaloosa county sheriff's deputy to try and catch predators the anna listed an email address and warned people to stay away from it because it was a thirteen year old girl trying to have sex with adults while the sheriff's office as 32yearold jeremy rask must then is a registered sex offender convicted on child pornography charges they say he says sent a message to that email address leaving a belonged to a thirteen year old girl and continue the conversation on an app called kick deputies say russ must and then sent the undercover officer lewd messages at a photo of himself he is now charged with using a computer to solicit a child is also charged with failure by a sex offender to register his online identities the 23yearold james humans was also arrested he is charged with obscene communication after he traveled to try and meet up with what he thought was a thirteen year old girl according to the okaloosa county sheriff's office humans had been chatting with an investigator online who he thought was a thirteen year old girl human solicit the girl for slips for sexual activities with them he then went to meet with the girl to hook up with her and investigators were there waiting for him is also charged of using a computer to solicit alert a child new at ten a.

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