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Crawford. Butterfly, save Dominic. Go home. Chips. The puck out the David camp at center ice. He'll take it and go I been back into the hawk zone out the center ice the duct lying, right wing. He's down in behind the duck nip to camp around the hood along the left wing boards. Sharp angle shot hit the side of the dot net. Who's puck in the near corner. Josh Manson from him fail, Illinois moves it ahead to Mahara share would pass across the rink Carter around the across the hawk line right wing side, visit down behind the net. Henry yoki hard. You gave it a whack. And I think the puck came up and hit one of the ducks in the face that Sherwood. Meanwhile, here's Cahoon breaking into the zone to the right store for you went. From backhand forehand. Tried to get a shot away. Missed the net. The other way the docs, Andrei kasha crossing the hawk line right wing side of a corner slammed into the boards there in the corner by Brandon manning Seabrook to the loose puck behind the hawk net. Battling now with Kessler in the far corner Kessler ends up taking the puck. Here's kessler. She gets left now flipping it picked off by Brandon Saad Saad out the center ice to shake the check of Lindholm lost the puck Ricardo tell front of the penalty boxes. Musette across Jacob Larsen crossing the hawk line to the left point where he fires a shot and that deflects up into the practice. Protective netting out of way. Eleven thirty two left in the first here, Dan. Hi to nothing, ducks whatever the Blackhawks returned to full strength after a penalty is sponsored by northwestern medicine orthopedics on Olympus pursuit of better medicine. And this reminder that Chicago Blackhawks hockey his sponsored by PPG paints. The official paint of the NHL. Blackhawks in a tough quick road trip here. Call the Dan Heim and then tomorrow night against. The Vegas Golden Knights who had a spirited game last night against the Washington Capitals. A little rematch of the Stanley Cup. Final. Is getting better. Washington that game last night. You saw hit Ryan Reeves on Tom Wilson of the capital's. That's been the subject of quite a bit of scuttle. But around the league people wondering what's the legal hit? What isn't reason I guess got the better than all the capitals people are thinking for over hits Wilson's pen suspended for how about that one on Reeves. Here's Galveston rolling into the ducks zone with the right circle. Fires a shot blocked by Lindholm Ritchie. The other way for the ducks through center ice full. The hotline left-wing tripped and fell down but spun the puck in front of the hawk net for sprung, Brandon. Saad was right there to lift to stick. And knocked the puck away Ritchie chasis forsling into the near corner hawk zone. Gusta now battling was wrong falls down. But works the puck free. Here's Pearleen with it along the left boards hawk zone. Turning away from pressure drops it now in the near circle to forsling ducks in a line change. Forsling drops it back to Kane between the circles leaves it there for keys to forsling along the left wing boards outlet pass up the right? Right wing. Anisimov tried to shovel it in over the duck blue line Kessler flings it away to Manson to Jake doctrine circle to the right of Gibson, Don passing up the left wing at center ice to avert Virgil drive it down the boards in behind the hawk net. Keith moves it around to the near side payden battling there for lost. The puck at the point Silverberg down aboard picked up by Keith put a pass up the right wing at center ice to Kane back over to Keith hawk line. Headman pass for Hayden. He was inside the ducks zone. We're gonna get an icing call here against the hawks face off comes down in the hawk zone circle to the right of for the first time ever, the fifty fifty raffles available online. So you can participate all season long at home and away games. Visit Blackhawks fifty fifty dot com. Support Chicago Blackhawks foundation tonight half. The proceeds from wrap it will go to the foundation the other half to one lucky winner. Stay tuned for the winner to be selected. At the conclusion of tonight's game face up the left hand side of Corey Crawford. Who's got us come up with some big saves here. Let this game get on a hand early. It's not the ducks. Kasha fires off the glass hawk in here. Now Andre concert right wing corner. Missed the first eighteen games of the season. With injury carries it across the of to the right circle turns and fires through the crease and wide Martin at point deeds. The deep slot Sherwood Manson, right point. He fires Pat save made by Crawford. Keith was playing the puck between the circles had it stripped away by rounding the ducks get cash on the left wing corner. Takes the check of Anisimov, here's tasha. Sits down with butterfly save. And he'll plop in the puck and hold it. No whistle stops play boy in east off lost his check their and kasha rolled right in front. Uncontested nine twenty nine left in period. Number one here in Anaheim, the ducks leader to nothing. This is Blackhawks hockey on seven twenty.

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