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<hes> there is a lot of history with substance abuse and <hes> laundry list of things that have happened where no one one was willing to take that on <hes> but she knew that emily might and so i'm lyn i we we talked about it and we felt like this was an opportunity unity to save a life and also at this time this is before emily got out of her depression and anxiety like it wasn't like it was constant depression russian anxiety. It was just like it'd be really bad for a couple of days and it would lift for a couple of days so it's not like it's always steady but i knew something happened to whitley and we didn't you do anything about it i i i think the worst would happen potentially to emily and i knew that we had a chance on whitley and i knew that emily would do everything in her power to give whitley the life that she needs and we give her more balance and stability and love than anyone else could good in her situation so we said yes we took her on and became parents to someone who is six seven years younger than us was alike as you can imagine and <hes> you know when seventeen year old comes in and they have their own views on life and how things should work and i'm trying to show them a different way. You know you know a better way to cope into handle situation. So you know a lot of run ins with the school school teachers and getting in trouble <hes> those were pretty tough to handle you when you're only twenty three and twenty four because a lot of fun moments do so when she recall the snake one day i went to go get her and went to the nurse's office. I'm here to pick up whitley and the nurse looked at me funny and she's like well students. <unk> aren't allowed to check another student out and then we'll times and no one no. That's my dad and the look on the nurses. Face is just like what i back just so confused and there's been so many moments like that were show referred to us as mom and dad in public and people are like turn their head like what trying to figure figure that out but that's always been a fun fun thing to do but yeah i mean there's there's a lot of moments where he felt like. Nothing that we're doing is working. There's not one thing that's working. Nothing's getting through to her but over time you start to see the progress and <hes> shoot able to graduate high school which there's a lot of times. We think it was gonna happen but thankfully she was able to. She worked really hard and so taking with leeann <hes> on the one hand. It's like you think okay so given the scenario that you guys were having giving that. Emily was still sort of like emerging in and out in the right direction but it's in and out and the outside in like probably people around you. I'm guessing we're like this. Is this is madness like you can't like this is the worst that you could hustle do and you guys did it and it sounds like while it was really hard. It was also amongst the best things that he did. Oh yeah definitely on the best thing we've ever done. Bostering and dotting is by far the best thing that we've ever done just giving someone who doesn't feel loved their special have helping them see that their loved and special is. It's just something that i'll forever treasure and same with i might but yeah i mean my parents were like what are you thinking like. Have you actually thought about this like this. Scenario title of raising a seventeen year old bay just thought we were crazy and emily family. They always kind of expected this out of emlyn away. She's she's always been that passionate and carrying doing so much that they they weren't really bad surprise but my parents are like what you know use only twenty three twenty four. You don't wanna parent this young. You're not married and all these things but we just felt called to do it and again but this time the one new though emily was going through <hes> but we knew despite what emily was going through that would again we will give me a better life than a group home or anything junior..

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