Mr Putin, Dana Rohrabacher, Congressman discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


What makes more about your interesting is that Orange County isn't the only place he's been representing all this time. Orange County, congressman Dana Rohrabacher earned out Putin's favorite congressman for his pro Russia politics. When the Russians went in and took over Crimea it was he who gave a sort of qualified defensive that and when the Russians were fighting the Georgians he was on the Russian side. He's always, he's always with the Russians behind closed doors, house, majority leader, Kevin McCarthy joked quote, there's two people, I think Putin pays Rohrbacker and Trump. Mr Putin is demonized by a lot of people here in when he's ever watching out for Russia's self interest Putin as a right to watch out for the interest of the people there just as the way we do in the United States. Wow. We finally found the one American who rooted against rocky and Trevor. This isn't just a geopolitical relationship. It's gotten geo physical, listen to this. Some say that Putin rules with an iron fist. Well, California, congressman, Dana Rohrabacher found that out literally when he arm wrestled the Russian leader back in the early nineties. Boy onto. He put me down in a millisecond is tough. You know, muscles just unbelievable. Of course, Putin's muscles are unbelievable. He's Russia, and there's a seventy five percent chance. He was doping. Michael, this is kind of bizarre. I mean, you would think Roebuck is open. Love for Putin could hurt him in the campaign. Yeah. Well, right now, Ruta and warbucks are neck and neck in the polls, which means Rohrabacher loses Putin will lose his top congressmen, and then he'll have to settle for only having the president, Michel cost, everybody we'll be right back. Up next is an extended interview with our guest. But before we get to that, life can be stressful. And sometimes we lose perspective on what really matters as we rushed,.

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