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More lives participating locations plus tax on the time of the prices may vary for delivery one eight hundred two eight three one one point five of Steve trouble is his new Jersey won a one point five as traffic remember the accident on one and nine northbound over by Schiller Boulevard in Ridgefield slowdowns there and also ninety five express lanes southbound are closed for constructions of coming off the upper level of the George Washington bridge you'll be able to use ninety five express eighty west bound with the construction two left lanes are closed exit fifty eight to fifty seven M. Patterson just a minor delay now and on seventy eight westbound in the local lanes you can't enter the local lanes directly from Newark airport exit fifty seven that ramp is shut down that's going west bound because of an accident investigation we've also got work each way on the Newark bay bridge fourteen to fourteen a single file and also that closure now in place on two ninety five north in Carneys point they're doing a repaving of the roadways the north down to ninety five shot from exit two to four until five AM you're also around is Painesville road crossing the Hudson leaving New Jersey we are still in pretty good shape and this report sponsored by unbound dot org Girling Kenyan dreams of becoming a doctor an elder in Guatemala dreams of being part of a community reach out and changed their world that will change your own unbound dot org traffic every fifteen minutes before ten of three on New Jersey one a one point five Jersey one one point five isn't whether probably most body for tonight will dip down low to mid thirties we have some rain come away on Friday rain showers early more steady rain for the afternoon maybe a foot of snow for north Jersey early high temperatures only reaching the mid to upper forties but is no early Saturday morning possible Y. skies and mostly sunny and gusty highs mid wach forties sunny and warmer Sunday highs upper fifties I mean Rostock port.

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