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The morning i'm in game six of the world series last night in los angeles door died for the dodgers and they get it done the rose three to one last night to force a deciding gained seven later on tonight hero was here's to now throws y'all of'social chance to ruin but what he says zero i don't know the distort all the good good to have low expectations right so they lose for the real is any way but when you want them to win all growers five dm one percent i think they got a decent chance all to do two min i picked the dodge was but but i'm renault richard right here is aging of soda tho if larger mike houston athletes that is a great greatest compound is that how the game is played foresaw as thick and incidentally happy birthday to kinky friedman an lyle lovett was what a confidential i wanna firmer law lava solve coming up but serb to news here's aj hinge the manager of the astros caves seven tonight come ready to play this is a minute's is the biggest as the best age opportunity when the world series in game 7 that was immediately the message when last i was me various aj hitch the rangers won last time the rage liotta going on aged of slaying what do you want who'd gone and always said he was fine are you the rangers won lists that i am in they beat the other vegas team how about the rumble of mohaqui yes what would well here's what are you got your your reported hockey score henrik bork with a win it was emotional for me how could say age locally the weber first philip rivers goslows a little bit about the drudge noor right that would have been better lu lu vegas has a hockey team they do they do just as you it started with a naval that was when i give you the scale of the golden knights i'm not even what are the rangers beat the vegas d of the mets played in brooklyn last night they wants to somebody want phoenix another right and god has players at no point tall that no point did what he mentioned the the attack you in the you know point it is the best basketball when i want basketball tournament us up there are more frank by the.

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