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Experts at crop Metcalf. Their pest control technicians have the training and techniques. Stop mosquitoes termites or any other pests that might be bugging, you and your family. Call one eight hundred crop or visit crop Metcalf dot com for more and remember craft. With past cropped, Metcalf home of the five star technician, proud partner of the Washington nationals. Do you sell stuff online? Then you know what? A pain shipping can be. It's time consuming. It's expensive. It's a hassle until now. Introducing ship station. The fastest easiest and most affordable way to get your products to your customers, whether you sell stuff on Amazon SE shop, affi- or your own website with ship station. You can quickly ship, all orders from one easy to use dashboard, saving you a ton of time. There's even easy to use mobile app, so you always have access. Plus, you'll save money with ship stations, deeply discounted rates from all the top carriers like USPS UPS that X in more you can always choose the best carrier at the lowest rate for every package. It's no wonder ship station is rated number one by online sellers in right now. You can try ship station free for sixty days. That's right, free. Just go to ship station dot com and enter promo code iheart. We guarantee ship Daesh. Will make getting orders to your customers a lot easier? That's ship station dot com, promo code iheart. Ship station, make ship happen. Eighty six burglars were asked, how they broke into homes, and they all said they knocked on the door. I that's why you need blink x t to cameras they detect motion, so you get an alert and you can see and talk to who's there. Tell the delivery guy, where to leave the package or just say, hi when the kids get home, blink x t to cameras start under a hundred bucks. So thanks to blink home security just got easier. Blinken reserve able on Amazon, invest, buy or visit blinkprotect dot com slash patrol. Blinkprotect dot com slash patrol real quick fam- odyssey cruises up their game. If you're thinking about maybe a romantic night out with your lava, or maybe it is wanna go ahead and enjoy the beautiful scenery of DC. You gotta check out the wavy free design their ships from the refinements in lighting and textures to the remodel dancefloor and bar space. I said bar and not to mention minimizing fuel consumption and missions..

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