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Okay. I'm like wait a minute but when a huge that it's again it's not about being flashy curry songs. Kirk read from the read effect. You know him. He's a Toronto helps. So yeah sounds familiar. Yeah so he was in my studio the other day and he came in city we were chatting and what he said was an what we determined was kind of part of the whole. Youtube problem is like when people are are kind of flexing on the Graham like on instagram. More flexing on youtube skills. There's an egotistical narcissism to it which is very repugnant artists. Artists are doing when they're good or when they're great is they're giving to the audience. They're not taking anything. And when people are Kinda bragging about their skills and they're saying look at me how great I am. Most people. Don't WANNA LOOK. I mean when I see a there are countless it's Har- players for example. Who is cool if you're into this? I'm not dissing it. But you know you go on grammar or Youtube and they're people shredding and technically perfect and in over some kind of lush sterile keypad and a word because it just. It's like I watched them because just listening to it. I don't really want to listen to that. Driving my car or something to her home but watch a bit of it go. Wow that's cool and then okay enough I I'm not going to I don't want to. Yeah yeah that's IT and again it's not to Dec- this side show. He you ever seen a sideshow. Jeff I think so a freak show freak show. Yeah I have. Yeah I was in Austin a couple of weeks ago and I went to the Museum of the weird and there was a legitimate freak show like the guy had a growth disorder which blended his to hit three fingers is these two fingers were combined together into one and long and these two are combined together into one long and then his thumb and his feet were the same way. And there's like this is a known disease and like one hundred thousand people have it or whatever right and he goes on stage and he does his freak show right and then everyone you know gives money in the pot and this is Lee this very distasteful not allowed in. I don't know if it's illegal but it certainly our social have pushed it to the F. Far Away we have these all over the place right right and like a freak show you watch. You don't like that you're watching it. Maybe it makes you feel a little bit sick to your stomach. But you can't take your eyes off it right. Yeah and You know I mean the good music or a band. That's really touching your soul doesn't feel like that it goes in the other direction and it's drawing you in and so. I think that like the whole you technically sterile. Youtube thing is kind of like a freak show in a way. Like what are you doing? You're you're bragging. All you're doing is showing how technically good you are on the guitar to the world but are you giving us anything with that. Erin. And that's it I agree. I don't think there's anything is a little bit of value in in the entertainment. I suppose but again Even as musician a guitar player a watch the middle. That's really cool. I can't do that but I'm not going to. I mean if I could get a minute of entertainment watching it. They could be twelve minute video and I'm just not going to sit through because it's I've seen it is in a minute. I saw everything that I need to see whereas I can take in a battle of Hell I can listen to that. Cd In my car. For I don't know how many times I earned it and still. It still feels like exciting to me. That's a power of good songs good music and like the Beatles you know you can listen to it again. It's still feels moves you right and I'm sure and giving something that's a good point when I make videos and I was talking to somebody the other day about my my music that he has made at least four for the album that I've done and I make myself there's no budget and they're completely silly and goofy and the whole point of that though is to entertain because a lot of people when they're making a music video You know level like mine words. You know you're not a rockstar. Anything they make videos in the higher crew and they make it as polished as they can in the whole point is to project some image into me. it's not about me. I mean it. Yeah it's my music and it's my face might retire and everything but really If I want somebody to sit through a music video and listen to my song for three minutes I want them to be entertained. so trying to make something looked way to Polish. Doesn't seem to make any sense to me Yeah I mean. It's an again not dissing anybody for that. Might take our maybe slightly different. Scott while you're while we're I want you to look up. Who's the guy that he's an Irish writer? And he wrote the Essay. The critic as artists can't remember his name. You know what I'm talking about. I'm on it at who that is. So here's my point. I think In critic as artists and I'm going to give the writer from the eighteen hundreds of credit in a second as soon as Scott tells me his name but what he talks about is that actually. The artist doesn't matter it's Oscar Wilde Oscar Wilde. Okay critic is artist. Okay and what he would say is that I don't care who the artist is and I don't care what the artist thinks of their music or their paintings or anything else doesn't matter it doesn't matter what the artist thinks and I think it's not it doesn't hit the art doesn't belong to him when you put it out there anymore. Exactly like a good way to think about it. I think for and I'm not a musician. a good way to think about it is that it doesn't belong to you. It's actually not your music and you're giving in to people. It's kind of liberating in a way because once it's out there Carolyn. None of Your Business. You know you've put out new. You can move onto the next thing. And hopefully people gain some value out of what created and it keeps you out of that ego space which is so gross. If it's really tough but you know what as a musician in any any artists were told something pretty countered to to it? If I think we're always told you need a thick skin because people criticize what you do. And but meanwhile we unlike most other jobs are are. What we're creating is so vulnerable. Were were putting something out there. That were you know. And then we put it out in June the first time I got a thumbs down on one of my videos like what did I do like. Why is this person? Hey what what are they? What don't elected they normally song. My shoes what you know. You don't know what it is and you can drive yourself nuts with that so again it's liberating to put it out there and stop worrying about because now we on social media drives me crazy. I really have intolerance like a love. Hate thing social media but you post something in your checking your likes you check Miller okay feedback. You're checking people do that in. It's it's such a waste of time here. So here's what here's what I wrote down but it didn't like you. You kind of moved on from the point. Yes or no no. That's okay. No because I'm listening to you interviewing I'm writing stuff down renting ring interviewing and when you're talking back about technically someone's on guitar in there on Youtube or social media showing you their technical side. It's almost like people are doing a mass audition for social media validation. That's very well Would it's sad but I think that's exactly what it is it's like they're auditioning for social media validation and it's Kinda gross actually and we all do it like I do it with my podcast So I do a lighting show. It's pretty popular in letting community and like I get a hit when people like the the the fucking stupid shit that I do. It's like it grosses me out that I like it actually. I know it's it's disturbing that you can't yeah. You know what I mean. I kinda like disgusted with myself for liking it. You know why why do I? Why do I care It's it's eagle validation? That's why it's gross. Darren yeah you know. Yeah and what's the solution like? How do we stop doing it or give? Just give just give your art. I mean not that you shouldn't get paid. That's not what I'm saying. Like those are yeah. Yeah all we give without like just like I'll be okay like if someone were to say That'S OUR WEDDING SONG. Like whatever song it's ours actually we own it because it means 'cause the summer we fell in love. That was the song of the summer and we danced to it like so many times that you know over that summer and then we played it at our wedding and it's our song and if the artists comes along and says no it's not it's my song actually it's not chart a badge of. I can't imagine any any artists that wouldn't be humble than actually be so grateful for that kind of thing. I mean for me that. That's the that's the validation that I want you know just Lights on facebook appreciate that. Of course I don't think that's solid nation. I think it's grotto and that's what that's the world we live in right if the turn people don't Share your stop or like it on Youtube. I don't look at numbers overall though like some people think. I think it's a mistake. The Lot of a band starring out make is they're so concerned with hustling on on instagram. And Cindy the all they're doing is just you've been people into liking. They're following them and those people aren't really engage. They're not there because the right there gilded their trick or they're or they're paid for. It's a crude metric. Social MEDIA LIKES AND FOLLOWERS. It's a crude metric. Yeah I'd rather have five hundred people actually care and thousands and thousands. That are different. I mean what's the point I'd rather they? I'm everybody's welcome. I'd love to assure you know lots of people but those people should actually cares what I'm saying. I think a lot of ands or or artists are so concerned with what it looks like. Went through numbers. Look like and I don't think that's but late in the. If if those numbers translate into dollars I understand it. Like if they'd be showing up at their shows yes ever. Yeah I mean I don't. I don't know how to a so. I know how lighting podcasts should use linked in to gain notoriety and followers. And you know as a as a public relations tool okay I. I know how a lighting podcast should use Lincoln. Okay that particular media. I have.

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