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Eight hundred two two two K. B. C. the police going too far we had a situation in Maryland where the men had a bonfire and invited right something like six folks come over yeah all your buddies in the police came not because of loud noise no they didn't come because drugs are being used to open fire they didn't come because of complaints of the neighbors no big game simply because people work together having a good time now you start to think about this what are the effects and I'm sure that they're going to be these voices out there who say well that person could infect someone and the person that is infected could have a problem and that problem could result in that person being hospitalized right and that could result in a bed being taken this out there's a lot of that result in a ventilator you know what you said earlier we were it because we're talking of course this about this from the perspective of of the over reach of of police raid police misconduct we're talking about the idea that a guy gets pulled over and you know maybe he's doing something wrong and the cops pulled over then they they don't have any gloves on and they don't have bass on there there was a an answer I think it was maybe on Wednesday that was on on the lower right in there and then on is that right or wrong they don't do it well he ended the argument use the they made is very valid well first of all you'd have to the police often have to know that they've got this code nineteen great and that would have to be acting actively in in some irresponsible way in that regard and and so it's not good enough to just say you could have it and you could give it to somebody if it if there's going to be an interest of the state is a hypothetical thing and goes the opposite way doesn't it so it really can German so so let's think about this one of the numbers that we have an alley right now was like five thousand basically more or less right I think we said you out at all for ten million people and that's people known to have it they're tested and they're probably not people out in the street because they're supposed to be at home self quarantine which will talk about later because there's been some issues around the country about that right so close to the discussions and we got to think about this because our opinion matters here and if you start getting into a situation where you have empowered the police to do a great deal of martial law will bring martial law but just law enforcement not contemplated by the peel their fall I mean there there is no middle ground here there's no way to just say to them will go out and just decide when you want to call it if they're if they've got an order to say no one's supposed to be on the beach they have to enforce it they don't have a choice is gonna job exactly but it's gonna make sense of this Rick from diamond bar want to thank you for calling in next a nation divided these are some strange why wouldn't you agree brother yes they are well historically no I mean you know nineteen nineteen there was pandemic and this there's a good story from that I think it was in one major midwestern city they had a parade in the middle of this pandemic that was my big Philadelphia yeah and and and the deaths spiked up in that city adult I think with Saint Louis curtailed everything and it had the lowest young mortality rate per capita in the United States I think you're exactly right I think you may have San Francisco mixed up with Saint Louis but Rick is bringing up a great point listeners because this is not the first time we've been through this if anyone really wants to research how bad it can get they don't teach this in schools for some reason look up Spanish flu in nineteen eighteen and is centrally what Rick is talking about an upgrade but glad you brought it up is that these folks were bringing it in from boats from overseas that were coming in from the war and there was an initial outbreak but they had to sell war bonds and they had to do this thing to make sure that morale was up and there was a parade of hundreds of thousands of people in Philadelphia that was undertaken against the orders of every scientist the mayor said no we have to do this we have to go forward and we're gonna have this parade and it was that event that historians say linked Philadelphia to the worst of this crisis because I got away from them after that they didn't have enough beds in the hospital so you make a good point Rick but I cut you off what else do you have well I I I think there's a corollary here with you know if we leave the police officer that had to go arrest with this person right could have been on a freeway directing traffic away from a major accident right or he could have been doing other things I wrecked my produces a tell me that I have to take a quick break we're gonna get right back to you after the break either right folks we're gonna be right back what we do want to know that is your opinion and right now the issue is pretty simple should the police be an empowered to enforce issues related to social justice is this the kind of thing that we really want our police doing is this the type of world we.

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