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Great. Five news time 10 0 eats Now New Jersey one on 1.5 instant weather. Looks like we've got another storm system rolling in as we hit the end of the week here. I think this is mostly gonna be rain, but we can't rule out some wet snow, perhaps north and west. On Friday with maybe a very light accumulation. This does not look like the last big Winter storm we just got dealing with. We'll see a clearing friend tonight lows in the mid 20 sunny and seasonable Thursday behind your 40. And some rain and again has mentioned some wet Still Friday, North and West could be an inter too Far North and west part of the state. Rain elsewhere, mid thirties north here, 40 Central and mid 40 south. My meteorologist, Mark Thibodeau, Flemington, 30 Mollica Hill. 31 Wrong Way, 31. New Jersey one on 1.5 Is your cove in 19 Vaccination Information station go toe NJ, one on 15 dot com slash coronavirus to find out how you could make an appointment. And for a list of vaccination sites in your area on Lian, NJ, one on 15 dot com slash coronavirus, New Jersey one on 1.5 our own radio station in New York, not Philadelphia. Proud to be New Jersey Jersey Child Time is 10. All nine of Steve Dr Alise. No shoulder asks the musical question. What else do we know about New Jersey Jersey? Trivia with your host voted the most trivial man in New Jersey. I'm sorry. That's trivial. Steve. Traveling Thank you very much. Mr Daddy's part down Traviata. Music Movies Television, New Jersey, New Jersey one on 1.5. They're all Jersey related. They're all multiple choice. They can all get you for I ride I plus passes to I play America in Freehold. I play America's rides, Arcade game, Skill games, laser tag and top golf swing sweets are open. More information you visit I play America dot com 1 802 831 on 1.5 is the number to call very, very simple questions I want you to win is going to be so easy and I got open slot. So if ever there was a chance to get on the radio.

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