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Prey. Although we're going at it. As at least i enjoy that kind of conversation. Praise meticulously researched book and very carefully argued. I just wanted to stipulate full of statistics and incidents that illustrate points. That are this is this is not. This is not a polemic. This is a serious work of of of sociology. All right in. Can i point out. Yes they didn't just take pre existing statistics because in many cases the statistics did not exist. Right the actually had to do their own investigation to come up with the statistics in the book so my hat is off to them for that. That incredible under this is the product of hard scholarly work. and that. that's the question that i want. I want to ask. There's one we talked about the incident at cologne and you say the europeans have been putting their heads in the sand. They've been in denial. They're refusing to see what's taking place. But there's an incident you describe. It's just one of many but it struck me as telling because it's not just denial at something different from that you tell the story. This is in france. Young bangladeshi who sentence for raping a fifteen year old girl in normandy was suspended. The criminal is allowed to walk and you quote a legal expert whom you interviewed about this. He was permitted to walk because said the legal expert he had been quote deeply influenced by the culture of his country where women are relegated to the status of sexual objects. But that's not turning away that is incorporating alien values into french into the french legal system. Is it not this is this is. This is not turning away. This is beginning to make adjustments beginning to make concessions. Is that not so. It's like shifting sand so you run into again. I want what you should know. Existing statistics you ask the agency's responsibility. It is to keep up with this research. Why is there no existing statistic in this. We don't do that. You say we think that there is a spike in sexual violence against To do with immigration in immigrants that is falsely denied and we are told no sexual. Violence has always been there. It's universal almendral is so you get that type of argument in this case. By case incidents that take place the lawyers who defend the perpetrates the perpetrators will obviously use anything and everything they can get and if they can get a more lenient sentence or acquittal for perpetrator by bringing in culture into it. They do that and it works and i have seen the reason valerie. Thank you for your very very kind words. But the reason why. I didn't accept story of you know we just don't have the statistics doesn't happen. It's because i lived in europe. I lived in the netherlands for fourteen years and i became familiar with all the tactics of denial of evasion of not wanting to know or if the problems become overwhelming simply dumping it on the working class roofs who areas just dismissing these people are racists xenophobes. Whatever what have you never ever coming to the point of actually addressing these issues and i think ultimately that is. That's what i hope to achieve with. The book is to have a serious conversation about what is going on. And how long. This is sustainable. I'd like why not that. One of the most horrifying aspects of the whole cologne a situation. That sticks in every woman's mind is what the reaction of the authorities was the authorities said to the women. It's clear you can't come into these public spaces like you have in the past And we'll we'll we'll set aside a special section for you that will have some increased policing but maybe you ought to think about whether you should come to these kinds of things at all which was just horrifying. I think for every european woman and every woman everywhere to here is that the burden and the cost of these kinds of crimes would be placed squarely on the women themselves. They would be told to vacate problematic spaces. They would be told they would need to segregate That i think is what most women were left with a very bad taste. I think the i think the expression expression used by the cologne authorities was at the women should have known to keep these men at arms length was was with the oldest and most outrageous response. Possible you ask for it right like yeah for so easily. That's what you alluding to any. Yes that is part of the subtitle. Is that there is an erosion of the rights of women and that manifest itself in what the authorities was saying to the women. You you had to keep these men at arms length. Why did you go to this context. Snow many concerts have been canceled. I think there was one big concept. In sweden that wisconsin it had nothing to do with the pandemic disease to maintain but what is even more tragic is what individual women are some of the women. I interviewed said that they didn't need authorities to tell them to adjusted. They do it anyway. Because it con- to deal with everyday is the girl who is taking. She's a young woman who's taking toddler to daycare before she goes to work and she tells me what goes through your mind before. She leaves her frontal the groups of men on the sidewalk who starts hissing insisting in making this this as she tries to put your pod so as not to drown out that kind of obscene noise but then they accommodate touch on. They grow as she feels so unsafe in filthy from house to the daycare center to work and back. This is an everyday thing and some of these women have decided. They don't want to live that way. So it's not some kind of you. Top down Dont you have to adjust you. Women are doing it anyway and the cell from the public space women on longer going out to jog than going out to swim than not going out to The adds to socialize the way they used to many of them in their families have moved to other parts. You know those who could afford to. But i think ultimately for the working class women we in many neighborhoods in different european settings where women can't move the there's nowhere to go adjusted ion talked about the netherlands. Valerie talked about the incident in cologne germany. Chris has written a long piece on from chris. Chris writes in the wall street. Journal that emmanuel macron has resolved to be the president who finally eases tensions over france's young.

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