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Blair. Aka Cash Ear Aka Bay Charles Bay Charles has. Your finger in the campus. Sexy Finger. Are you holding that Camera Bay? Yeah. I know so right out the gate. We should say is why. but I mean my God that barely sums up anything about you, but it does give us some place to go from. You are amazing as far as I could see little I could see of you. and it's funny how we use that. Word See. We don't even mean see, but it's we take it for granted but it can get to know I don't think you are a blind. A stripper and rapper. and. A young bill. And bit of a comedian as well so. Renaissance. Welcome to the Dr Susan Bloch Show. Oh, I'm so happy to have you look great huge fan of yours actually. Authors on. Thank you what favorite authors I had on my favorite sex novelist. She told me not to say her name, but it was probably about. Three months ago. Oh okay, so I was here my God. WHO IS We'll have to look it up someone from Florida Yes, she's from Florida okay. We had an author Florida. Who is? I don't know but I. WanNa. Hear about Brianna or do you want us to call you Brianna or show Kashmir or Bay? It doesn't. It doesn't matter. You can call me. You can call me what? I do like being called Kasdan I've always said I'm Kinda cut from a victim fabric and a little blue shadow. Kashmir's very saw. My shadow to my customers. Yeah so Charles the nickname that was given to me right by lovely T. One in your videos go viral video that some gals. Clubs view standing up for yourself. which I thought was very cool..

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