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You admissions. FDA Commissioner Dr Stephen Han is warning that the bell against the Corona virus is an ever changing fight. The way out of this for all Americans is to follow the CDC and the White House task force guidelines on CNN's state of the Union. Hans set of measures like social distancing are not followed. A person is putting themselves And their loved ones in harm's way. Hana get emphasized the need to do things like wearing a mask and practicing good hygiene. A number of major League Baseball players are testing positive for covert 19 less than a week after reporting to camp and the biggest name among them is our very own Atlanta Braves first baseman Freddie Freeman. Who manager Brian Snitker said, has a favor Weatherwise today a chance of showers and thunderstorms, then showers and possibly thunderstorm after one this afternoon with a high near 83. That's what's happening. Everybody I'm reappointed producing talk 13 80 Wook now. Let's check your own way. Hey, Something's wrong with Mayfield, Traffic lady of these sponsored by Spectrum business had that crashed 75 headed south just before Delk Road to get the whole center of the roadway. Put quite a delay. Damaged number on your ride headed inbound is getting through that whole stretch from Highway 90 to get down to 2 85 It's going to take. It was close to 50 minutes there for a while. I want to get everything out of the road way would be a much better shape. But lots of records on the scene. There was a tractor trailer several vehicles plus an S U. V s are the S U B up on the rollback of watching Gee, that traffic cams. All the vehicle in the rollbacks. Get two more vehicles deal with plus that trashed your trailer. Hopefully, By the time you get down there, everything's all cleared out. Now, more than ever, small businesses need the best.

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