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Forward to when I finally got the boot camp navy seal came, and he put on a presentation of what sales do showed us videos guys from planes, scuba diving shooting gun to drive a dune buggies desert Nelson's blown away. I was just like wow. Like, that's, that's what I saw an movie, and that's what I wanna do. You know, and so at became became the motivation for me to be a seal, but there were three issues one, I consume to have academic scores three Bailey, do push up skinny, as whip but. But yeah, now that that's essentially would let me down that path. Yeah. And so you, you didn't make it right? You can pass the tests. I become a seal the begin right? Like, how was the struggle to get there? Yeah, I couldn't even qualify to get in train what I wanted Navient. So what I had to do with add to add, the take orders to my first command, which was naval hospital Camp Pendleton. And when I got there, that's what I literally just started training stuff. A stock the United have a car. So route three miles to the pool jump in the pool try to figure out and I run three miles back home. And I did this religiously for about three days a week. And then I would go to the gym and just make up workouts jump on bar to push ups this makeup workouts. And then, you know, I got an as for dummies book, which is a military academic book, and I just studied, he studied like I wanted it. You know, and I when that's the thing about me, you know, when I want something even, you know, even as a young kid when I want something I would run through walls to get it. And I wanted to be a seal, I wanted to get in seal training. So I just was so focused did everything in my power to make that happen. And within a year checking into my command, I was checking out and going to seal training. That's insane man. In the book you talk about, like one of the struggles that you had had was just relationships with women in particular kind of being your downfall. I you describe yourself as being a player and having sexual addictions, that ruined things you kind of talk about that a little bit. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I think, you know, PSA started back in my younger years ago. Sixteen started out, I think it was pornography, you know, pornography women, you know from that time I was either watch pornography. I was having sex girls in and to me it was normal. Right. It was it was just what you do, especially because of houses -fluenced through music. You know, mayor talk, you know, sleep around be played. You have urged you cornball your week. You know. And, and so that was my drug. You're not tell people all the time, you know, at never really had an addiction to drugs or weed or alcohol, never even before I came to Christ. I didn't even like the taste of alcohol and the reason why I didn't like alcohol is I didn't like not being trolled myself. And so that's why they like drugs. Either but women were my drug, you know. And, and yeah, as my, my whole pretty much stowed from sixteen twenty six it was just women were were my drug slept around all kinds of girls. It was normal this, what I did. But you know, as you looted to became doubtful, because when I was a suturing first time, I had made it pretty much halfway through made through first-phase how weak which is toughest part of seal training sway. You lose the most people, I graduated from our weekend, and instead of working on what I needed to work on, on the weekend, I was out chasing girls, I was out sleeping around, you know, and, and instructors in buds if you had any deficiencies in any area on the weekends instructors show up on Saturday, and, you know, on their personal full-time, and they would they would sensually work with you and I was too, you know here from from, you know being, you know being up all night with girls. Partying all stuff that I couldn't show up. And so that's why say was my downfall because I you know, I let let women become more my focus than than my goal and, and up getting kicked out of the civil training. More than halfway through, you know, and that kind of humbled me, though. Humbled me refocused knee. And, and after I spent a two years in entry. I marine division as a navy medic. I got my shot to go back and mess. When I really, you know, kinda doubt it back as far as the sleep still hooked up with girls and stuff, but not as crazy. I did you know, my earlier years and, and just dial the back focused on trading that made it through. Talked about hearing, a voice from God, you know, 'cause subconsciously you didn't really know that it was a, a voice from God, but that something that prompted you to join and then in the book you talk about you met a girl that you really loved, and taking the church was that kind of the first connection that you'd started make back to God when you when you meet this girl that takes you to church. Yeah. Yeah. Let me back to, I would say that the Christian faith you know what I would say that. But not not. Yeah, yeah. I would say the absolute because, you know, I, I didn't want to church. I mean I as a matter of fact when I when I joined him navy, and they asked me for my dog tags. What religion do I want on that? But no religious preference. I had that on my dog tags for all the cause, you know, fluctuate between atheist agnostics hated the church, eighty Christianity. A reason why I had this open at the cut it. But I just for the sake of stories story are, but you'd I saw a lot of hypocrisy in a church is a young kid. My mom. You know, she would take a step back to church. I saw a lot of hooping hollering people talking about they love Jesus. But then I saw them talking about people on their back, cursing them or, you know, fighting over a senior church. And so I did not like Christianity, any way in and obviously the stories you hear passers, you don't have the fares and stealing money off of it just added to the to, to fuel to fire from but yeah, I met this girl fell in love with the. She liked to go to church. And, you know, I was willing to do whatever I needed to do on this time of her. And so I will go to church when it was only about three times. It wasn't wasn't more than three times. But I, I went to church with her, and I hated every minute of it. I remember mocking the entire church service in church system, pastor and people and everything just scratching to get out of this can't could. But, you know, soon as he, she committed to being in a relationship with me, I was like, no Turks when I going to church and I pulled her out the church. I pulled her away from the church in that time. But, you know, fast forward to later later in our relationship. I was cheating on her just being mostly abusive never physically abusive just emotionally abusive towards her. And I you know, long story short, I ended up breaking up with her,

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