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Com said he was cited eight times for speeding one other story in the time said around half of his suspension for because of parking violation so alice stockton rosellini on hand in paramus where of course this originated the the bus from the east brook middle school was heading to waterloo village three buses left and one had the the fatal crash which killed the teacher and a student alyssa what are they saying in parameters billion plastic straws are used in discarded every single day is justin justin hobo is this just in hoboken or a wider swath anyway what they're saying about this bus driver is you have to look at this record that they've released and as you were saying his license was suspended fourteen times between nineteen seventy five and twenty seventeen that's forty plus years six of this suspensions were parking violations another seven were for administrative paperwork and one was for driving while his license was suspended so the last suspension was in two thousand seventeen and that was for failing to pay parking tickets so when you look at this guy's record over forty plus years certainly there didn't seem to be any red flags or any reason not to hire him another issue that's been brought up as his age he was seventy seven years old so i checked in with some bus driver friends that i have that i know and in order to maintain the commercial driver's license to to to drive a bus you have to get vision checks you have to get drug checks the drug checks are random they can come anytime the vision checks and the physicals every two years if you have high blood.

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