Climate Change, CNN, Ray Marsh discussed on The Lead with Jake Tapper - Harvey aftermath: Texas governor says 'worst is not yet over', Drivers form a human chain to save a man as floodwaters sweep away his SUV, Trump pitches tax reform to 'bring back Main Street'


But the trump administration has thus far shifted policies away from battling climate change raising concern within the scientific community cnn's ray marsh has the story our plan will the we had a blizzard upset there's no war this is a landmark event do you see it as a war on science there's definitely a battle that's going on mustafa ali says after 24 years at the epa he was one of the first career employees to resign in protest of the administration's antiscientific roach what would make give that up the lives of the communities where i come from the lives that are sir and you felt that they were in jeopardy under this new administration i knew they were in jeopardy joel cla manto climate scientists at the interior department says he was silenced after speaking about climate change i was reassigned to uh an accounting office in the department interior said it moved him to create seasoned leaders with broad and diverse experience every president since franklin roosevelt has had a science adviser except frivolous pretzel terry yosi is the former director of the epa science advisory board under president ronald reagan third trying to root uh accepted settled credible scientific principles and practices and what risk in that we don't discover uh when the next flint michigan drinking water contamination occurs at trump's agriculture department his nominee for chief scientists is a man with no science qualifications a lot of what we were drunk prior karmakar.

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