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Another setback for president trump's immigration and border security plans a piece of jackie quinn reports of federal judge in california has for now blocked the administration from ending the daca program which protects young immigrants from deportation u s district judge william alset says that lawyers representing socalled dreamers clearly demonstrated the young immigrants brought his children to the us illegally by their families were likely to suffer serious irreparable harm without the court intervening his ruling bars the government from ending the program while multiple lawsuits are being heard in multiple courts daca has protected about eight hundred thousand people the program had also been part of president trump's negotiations with lawmakers on border security aimed at averting a government shutdown i jackie quinn april four presidents they pisa donny here reports no way he says political prognosticator end president donald trump who was asked about her prospects if she runs and 2020 oprah winfrey created a lot of presidential buzz with her speech at the golden globe awards zoo is on democrats are encouraging her to run what does president trump think veto pruitt be a lot of fun i know are very well you know i did whatever last show she had donald trump just before politics for last week to dog breeds one which was nearly extinct are now officially recognised by the american kennel club because of the recognition the neater landslide quaker hanjour and the ground bossy refund vaughn dayan are now eligible for many dogs shows this year they still can't compete at the prestigious westminster kennel club show until next year the netherlands quaker hanjour was trains centuries ago to help dutch hunters attract ducks than two netcovered canals the spirited alerts spaniel style dogs neared extinction during world war two before breeders brought them back the ground bossy griff on bond dayan or gb gbi short was developed to hunt rabbits.

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