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You're listening to come on news a 1000 FM 97 7. Protest for Black Friday speak out against Amazon. Those protesters say they want the company to pay their warehouse workers more money and improve working conditions. In fact, the group also has a demand for Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. According to this protester way, want to see Jeff vessels to pay his fans share? In terms of taxes and each off every fulfillment center in the 50 States and Amazon spokesperson releasing a statement yesterday, it says in part quote, this is a serious of misleading assertions by misinformed or self interested groups who are using Amazons profile to further their individual causes. Amazon has a strong track record of supporting our people, our customers and our Communities. Unquote, a restaurant owner of Kirkland plans to make vaccination mandatory for her staff. Right now, Cafe Juanita is only offering pick up orders. In an interview with CNN chef and owner Holly Smith says her staff helped inform her decision to require vaccinations. But she says she's willing to work with people what became very clear WASP that for the emotional and physical safety of my team That tighter boundaries for them have felt have felt better. Legal experts say employers can put health and safety requirements in the workplace. But there could be limits for the vaccine under the FDA is in emergency use authorization. There are also federal anti discrimination laws for people with medical conditions, for example, and religious objections. Coronavirus enough to convince many of us to stay away from the doctor's office. But one woman's experience may convince you not to put off urgent medical treatment towards the end right before I had surgery. I woke up with back pain, and I thought, What do I have to do today to get through today, Gina had to put off pre surgery appointment and her procedure during the first covered 19 healthcare shut down. The pain just got worse and worse and worse, and worse. So now both Gina and Dr Michael Cashman's a spine specialist in Ohio's Mayfield, Brain and spine want you to know one thing. So we're definitely still open for business. The hospital's probably safer doing probably going to the grocery store and it's so clean and the patients are I say, and everybody's got mass and gowns, so we think it's very safe, and it's unlikely that a patient's going to get the code to get the virus from transmission of the hospital. One other thing to know is that prior to any procedure, most offices do set you up for a covert 19 testing its one other safety measures so we can continue to provide safe medical care America reporter list on 9 37 He recalled Mobile thanks for having different for shopping. Remember those days when stores weren't open? Wal Mart was not open this year and what stores were open had signed, saying We're closing at 5 P.m.. Six PM or 7 P.M.. It was different in a scaled back start to the holiday season downtown Seattle When it came to Black Friday, crowds were scarce for the West like tree lighting tradition and normally draws thousands of people standing room only in some cases..

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