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That's a X IOS on Instagram the following Monday to see if your illustration was picked I'll be looking out for them. Previously on masters of scale. I'm about to change roles for this two part episode all answer the questions and my good friend June. Cohen will ask them. What did you learn about human motivation playing dungeons and dragons I did learn that people wanted to be the hero of their own story that that was a fundamental kind of human drive across almost everybody. We felt ready to launch his first startup social. The theory of human nature is that we're social animals what gives people the most fabric, and meaning and joy and kind of presence in life is other people when social net. Folded read already had the idea that would become Lincoln retook, his fledgling idea to Peter Thiel news like no you shouldn't start out of accompanying. Yeah. Really? I think I should know you should come. Join pay pal. What was the biggest fire you've put out at PayPal? And what was the biggest fire you let burn I had this whole all of them otherwise value pay pal zero like roadkill out of business. We'll read safe pay pal from its demise. Will he realize his vision of a more connected world? Find out now on masters of scale the Reid Hoffman story. Part two. When we last left read he was at pay pal and pay pal has become something of a legend in Silicon Valley partially because of its incredible cast of characters. Peter Thiel, Alon musk max love chin, Luke, no sick. And of course Reid Hoffman. Each of them would go on to define their own heroes path after pay pal? Cemented pay pals place in history. In fact, it brings to mind another legendary group the Beatles. Like the bugles the core team behind pay pal on the long bond feet on mocks. Yeah. There were five of us. You know, go on to transform the world. Okay. So maybe the pay pal team lacked the throngs of screaming groupies, but like the Fab Four they were crazy geniuses each of them hero on their own creative journey leading fans and commentators to later ask whose genius made the group what it was. Or was it the group that made them geniuses? And it just seemed so unlikely that they would have found each other at all. They also went through distinct phases. The idealism of their early days when they first band together. To the middle period where they combined all of their strengths to make something to world had never seen. And eventually the later period where the cracks started to show, our group of strong willed heroes had achieved all that could together and parted ways before stuff got too weird. During his heyday at pay pal? Read says this team of heroes were United toward a common goal. We're willing to be really bold who were willing to take risks. We didn't kind of like panic about our careers. If oh gosh this thing blows up and doesn't work. So you got a lot of people who had that level of similarity all willing to work together. Despite the fact that had enormous political differences what the mission of the company was, but while you may picture yourself on a boat on a river before long..

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