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Totally. I guess they wanted to see if you had heard of this. Sitting around watching this dude's video, but of course nobody was. By the way, I got to give a shout out to a good friend of mine from high school to my best friend's biba. He was a coach. He was the captain of my wrestling team. I remember 5 years ever since I was 13. Always one of my best Friends, the son was actually on a soccer goal. He was like, I guess, you know, spinning on it. Anyway, the swinging on it, the goal fell on him. And he got knocked out. He had a minor brain hemorrhage. He's gonna be okay during the hospital ER. So he's a big MMA fans. I reach out to some fighters and I go, hey, you know, my buddy, can you guys make a video? I hope you get well. So I shout out to Al jamaine, Randy couture, Bisping, Pena, Colby Covington, John Dodson, actually Evan Smith, Bill Davis, to be Eric Anders and Austin vanderford all made videos for this kid. So wow, you really blew all your favors in one shot there, buddy. It sounds like I hope I never have to go to the hospital 'cause I feel like I'm gonna get a video from nobody. You'll be like, dude, we fucking already made you the video for the kid. How many fucking videos you want? I'm gonna get zero. Mine are all gonna be from like, how does this be like? Like, hey, that's very nice of them or thank you, what a bunch of cool guys. This becomes about your hypothetical getting injury. All of them, you use all this kids. You couldn't give them three. You couldn't just give them, you know, a couple, you know, like one a one B one C? Getting the whole list? I became a genius. I became a little above and beyond. That's when the Adderall does too good of a job. We are back and better than ever. All eyes are on the gridiron as teams are back on for.

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