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You know be publicly disclosed the question is is it holding trump accountable other words is he actually is there evidence that he is changing his conduct his behavior at all as a result of the investigations russell of the journalism to challenge that version of what accountability is a little bit ultimately you don't right with the idea that you're aiming at a particular individual you know my guess is that no trump doesn't hold himself accountable to that run of coverage the questions whether the public does whether the institutions of government alternately do now i have a similar concern i wouldn't frame it so narrowly around well we failed somehow if donald trump doesn't change his behavior as a result of all this good reporting after the two thousand sixteen election and at the time i was the editor of politico i supervise our coverage obviously a lot of people looking back and trying to understand how did this the biggest surprise in american political history unfold in what we think of it my view and i i wrote a big essay for brookings about this was boiled down to had we come to a situation of transparency without accountability that we all as journalists have long worshipped at the temple of sunlight is the best disinfectant that basically it's not our job to figure out what to do with the information out there it's our job to pick up the rock and look what under it this is the whole premise of your podcast rate is pick up the rock and there's an awful lot of scandal by the way if you're in washington for more than two seconds you realize that no party has a monopoly on the bad behavior under the rock we're talking about the starr report democrats and republicans do it too but i do think as journalists what what worries me is not that we're not somehow doing our job although we could always do better and i wish we had more on this particular story but but that our system somehow isn't working in the way that we always presumed that it would top of that you have to alternative versions of reality i don't know about you folks but one thing.

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