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But for all the cool aquatic critters we have in our freshwater is here in the south income muscles snails crawdads salamanders fishes it's the greatest concentration of aquatic life anywhere in the temperate world in the southeast in chattanooga's right at the epi center bright bright and so you know a lot of folks across the country study bassin brimming catfish and stuff like that but i study all the little fish that really do matter can i ask you a question regarding that so this was a few months ago i was at cloud when kenyan down in north georgia one of my favorite spots to go hiking and i'm down there in the in on the waterfalls i like to find a nice little quiet a patch and one of those little pools beneath one of the smaller waterfalls there was something i grew up on the ocean so i'm not entirely familiar with a lot of the freshwater stuff that exists in these little rivers and streams and right in one of the basins underneath uh one of these smaller waterfalls was a tiny little lobster look like i mean i was calling it a rock lobster but what is that thing do you know what that it that is a crowd dad okay that's a gray fish or mud bug bigger by many names now i thought those were saltwater creatures as well know there's an entire group of crowd adds that are completely fresh water and the state of tennessee has eighty eight different kinds of fishes her i'm of them are restricted to a single stream like we have a chicken maga crayfish that is only found in south chicago creek missy that's interesting because i you know i'm familiar with crayfish but i assume because it was fresh water in it's it's you know it's in the middle of a waterfall like in a in a in a canyon i thought i don't know maybe it's some kind of weird rock lobster that got trapped there back in the god knows what age and just never got out and i and they've been around a long time ago we have crawdads in caves that have their completely wide and have no eyes we've we've got crawdads the borough so when you're in a wet aaron see those little mud chimneys yeah all over the place mother crowd at that are burned down and a bring that dirt up and make that chimney right they live out under logs and rocks.

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