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Right now volunteers are milling through the crowd passing out water bottles there is a vehicle on a side street opened with the words free written on it handing out water and drinks and snacks we curfew in Washington DC which had been seven PM has now been moved to eleven PM president trump disputes reports he was taken to a White House bunker as protests raged outside the gate for the number of sources saying the president was indeed brought to a safe underground shelter during Sunday's protests the president telling fox news host Brian Kilmeade was there for a tiny little short point of time it is much more for an inspection there was no problem during the day the president claiming the secret service did not tell him he needed to shelter just take a look they said it would be a good time to go down take a look because maybe sometime you're going to need it Andy field ABC news Washington president spokeswoman comparing his recent visit to a church near the White House to Winston Churchill's inspection of bomb damage in London during World War two the president strolled to Saint John's church on Monday a day after it suffered fire damage during protests the president's faced widespread criticism for the heavy handed treatment of protesters were cleared for Lafayette park to make way for his walk the NBA appears set to resume games by jumping right into the end of the season by the end of the week league owners and the NBA Players Association could approve a plan to get basketball up and running again our partners ESPN reported would be twenty two games are to be eight games to determine a playoff seed before the playoffs begin you would all be played at the S. P. N. wide world of sports complex and Disney world Disney is the parent company of ABC news details of the plan are still being figured out Alex stone ABC there's another major sports league looks to be getting closer to returning to action hi Peter K. like other leagues Major League Soccer has been shut down since March of the MLS Players Association says it's ratified a collective bargaining agreement which includes plans to resume its.

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