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Mostly Dominican what I meant to minions. My dominicans. I like those guys those guys were great. But anyways, so drugs when your kid big fan of the Dominicans. They don't ask for I d that's for sure definitely if you can ask for it. They'll sell it's they're they're not racist with they're selling. No, not all the liquor stores. Where are they going to do they're competing with the dudes with the fire? I forgot what they call. It. The Hayes now was the home of Hayes, which is great. But the best was the people you would just reach under car. They have the under the car booze which came pre like Hawaiian punch the called it firecrackers or something like that. Fucked up just green alcohol in Hawaiian punch. Good time on a Saturday afternoon, nutcracker Croker someone who's more of a drug addict than I am. That's this is our production staff. This would Brian's there for you got your nutcrackers. Okay. But back I can't sit through you guys. Calm and get it. Right. Testament to how many of them I drink that. I couldn't get the name right anyway. Got all these Dominicans up and watching tonight's, right? So imagine a legal immigrant Dominicans come there. And they're not allowed to vote. And then you do the census lavious, you the Dominicans were voting are gonna vote for what all the Dominicans want you end up with a larger groups that you think oh we need. I don't really know the numbers, but we need four congress people because there's twelve well know only one hundred thousand of those people can vote that's not a million people shouldn't begin representation a hundred thousand should be. But the fact that they're actually saying that we're violating people's rights because we're gonna be under-funding areas that shouldn't be getting funny because their legal immigrants. I it's insanity me. Yeah. And it really show their card like they're not even being like what a fucking what a mind fuck that they're pretending like you're violating the funding that we need for people who shouldn't be getting usfl like and. Yeah, I mean, it's pretty blatant right there that you're saying, well, we need a divide up this stolen, loot and. We need these legal immigrants in fair share of it. So you can't ask whether they came here legally or legally, and it seems to me that like there's this. This is all part of a plan. I'm not claiming that I completely understand it or don't, but it's impossible to not see what's going on here. When someone like Donald Trump comes up and says, okay, we need a control legal immigration. We need to build a wall..

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