Brian Stevens, Gas Company, Engineer discussed on Google Cloud Platform Podcast - OCTO with Greg DeMichillie


Brian stevens are cto uses this great phrase he calls them recovering ct owes that is their former ct owes of companies like g e manufacturing or in on oil and gas company so so they come in with this really i understand this vertical market i mean somebody's i think of him as like a universal translator do you know what i mean like we speak and we speak containers and they speak hydrogeological analysis right they they they can translate technology speak into the language of an industry so part of the fun things about the job is i get to work with people who have all sorts of really interesting kind of crazy backgrounds and they aren't they aren't just kind of engineering people like be but there are also you know people who come from an oil and gas or a finance or a um a manufacturing background and so that means that we work with companies all over the board and worldwide so um for me that's that's the fun part of the job even as an individual engineer uh i liked the demo i liked showing off what you'd built to somebody do you know what i mean like when you build something cool and you show it to a customer user and you see them go i'll wow that's neat that to me was always the really fun part of the job to in some ways now i get nothing but the fun part you know what i mean so it's perfect for me now that that's as you interesting so i guess that means then.

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